Thoughts on Alani?

She seems super cool. Not much damage wise, but a pushback, 1 second stun, 30% movement speed to allies, healing for allies, damage reduction to allies, etc. Seems like a real utility healer. How’s everyone feeling about her?

I think a lot of people will jump to play her since she’s hot off the press, but when it dies down she’ll be the equivalent to Ambra or Miko popularity wise. Not many people, in my experience, like playing support.

Oh lord another stunner?


She kinda sucks imo.

And half the time her push back doesnt even work.

At work so haven’t seen her yet. Any interesting mechanics or movement abilities?

She has a surfing ability where she lunges forward and leaves a trail of water for 3 seconds. Allies in the water get 30% movement speed boost and health regen if speced.

Yeah I find the Geyser hard to use, haven’t really tried the pushback in PVP. In theory she could maybe compete with Miko for main healer, with her potential CC, etc. Will have to see how she pans out. It does seem like her damage is lacking big time, but I think that was intentional.

Lol. A knock up/stun at the same time. With dmg amplify on the target…

Probably too much cc and her ult will lead to a press F to win meta.

Idk I found her ult to be pretty weak. They have to stand in it to get the bulk of the damage, similar to Ambra’s. I could see her CC potentially being too much, although the Geyser has a wind up. Will have to see. Super interesting so far though.

I played a solo PvE match before class this morning and her dps actually is pretty good. She uses it to fuel her heals which are crazy good given how well her helix was put together. My one complaint is her lore challenges. Killing Ambra was enough of a chore with Galz… sigh*

Press F to win meta is multiple people with aoe cc and aoe damage. Such as Montana ult into alani and thorn or oscar mike ult.

She’s getting nerfed. Her burst healing can get up to 1000+ and it’s incredibly easy to get the healing stacks. She has more healing than every other support (on par with Miko though), more CC than every support (knockup + “bind” aka stun AND a slow from Riptide), more damage than every support (basic attacks + torrent when specced into + her ult), more SUPPORT than every support (+100% damage reduction on allies, can give all of her skills some type of healing, movement speed buffs, damage amplification to targets, etc).

I can’t conceive how any other support could possibly be better than her. Just don’t get it.

I ran a solo PvE mission a couple hours ago and that was literally my first though after the first wave of enemies. “HAHAHAHAAAAA! Oh sh*t, she is so getting nerfed soon” I shall take this time to complete as much of her lore as possible because wtf GBX…


Yeah I think her healing up to 1000 is pretty ridic if that’s true. And I find you have to spec for damage, otherwise hers is pretty bad. 100% damage reduction on a healed target-stupidly ridic. I imagine the 1 sec stun Geyser will be hard to use, but pretty powerful. It’s hard to believe they would release her so unbalanced that she’ll need a nerf next week. I’ve only played her in PVE and I wasn’t really doing anything I couldn’t do with Ambra. Will try her in PVP tonight. I definitely can see her needing some tweaks.

Side note: Interested to see how the having to do damage to heal plays out. Interesting concept.

When I do a Lore challenge at the end of the match/mission it doesn’t record the stuff for the lore challenges.

Her lore is bugged for me, i have played with galilea on my part twice now but when i go to my command it still saids 0 fail gearbox epick fail and i have heard that she is not unlocking for alot of people lol

Lore bugged for me too and she has a stun? Is it a muntion?
800 heals is pretty crazy given how fast stacks build up.

The Geyser is basically a stun from my interpretation. Makes enemies stand still for 1 sec

O so she doesnt have a knock up and a stun then?

Well, the Geyser knocks you in the air and then binds (stuns) you for 1 sec there…so I guess technically just a stun lol.