Thoughts on Borderlands 3 characters (taken with a grain of salt since nothing has officially been announced)


That’s true, I’m hoping it’s more of a you choose your action skill separate to your skills, I don’t really know how that would work though.

(Davin Dittrich - the one and only Narf) #22

As far as I know and as videos suggest, those 3 skills seem to be interchangeable on the fly. It might be that they share 1 cooldown to not break the game, but other than that, it’s seems that it’s a smooth change from 1 skill to the other.
I could imagine that Gearbox expanded the skill tree’s (something rumored as well) to make more Playstyles viable and/or that single skills have multiple bonuses depending on your “equipped” action skill.

For me personally that feels like the most logical way to naturally progress the scope of the franchise. Also, if we go by the concept arts seen, then it wouldn’t make much sense to make changing your action skill that complicated. If you’re controlling 3 different pets, then you would be dumb to just take 1 of those pets with you and leaving the other 2 at home, if you know what I mean. It could work like changing your elemental relic worked in Borderlands 1: Open the menu, change the skill, close the menu, done. Or Gearbox could just dedicate a button to cycling through action skills. Like just holding the action skill button to let it rotate to your skill of choice.


That might be a way around it, I was struggling to think about how they would work in different action skills.

Personally I hope you do have to respect to change it because Id like to reduce to amount of menu time. I’d like it if you make a build then role with it, if you struggle you struggle but it’s all part of learning how to create and play a build.

An example is alot of the raid kills in BL2 the whole inventory swapping to get different bonuses, I really dislike the inventory management.

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #24

I think it’d be convenient if they let you save and name builds, so when you went to the Quick Change, you have the option of reloading a favorite all at once.

(Davin Dittrich - the one and only Narf) #25

Loadouts like that would definitely work. On PC they could just implement keys to make the needed menu time basically zero. I don’t know about the consoles though; the buttons on the controllers are already used entirely. But my idea from before - just holding the action skill button to rotate through skills and/or loadouts - could work for that as well.
This is off course under the assumption that they let us switch on the fly. If we still have to visit the respec station to switch playstyles, then there won’t be any changes to the controls needed.

(Is this thing on?) #26

It would be a bit like Aurelia’s skill in TPS where you can cycle through different elements while holding the ADS button. The only down-side of using the action skill button would be that it would make it impossible to cancel the action skill early (which is currently what a second press on that button does).

(soulshock) #27

Gunzerker with dual wielding weapons mode needs to happen.


At the four minute mark this suggests that you can either toggle on the fly or toggle at a respec it’s unclear to me

(Davin Dittrich - the one and only Narf) #29

Cancelling your skill would still be possible: The button would just have that alternative function while your skill is active. Cycling through your action skills/loadouts while you have your skill active shouldn’t be possible anyway as that could open the gates for all kinds of glitches and exploits.