Thoughts on character-specific anointments

I can respect Gearbox’s desire for us to use character-specific anointments, and the buffs there are appreciated, but there’s a big thing which would still stop me as a player using them. Having a gun which buffs a single action skill for, say, Amara feels too narrow in its focus. Not only does it make farming the gear more difficult, but what if I get tired of using Phaseslam and decide I want to use Phaseflare for a while? Suddenly all my guns lose their anointments. Not much fun.

I would be more convinced to use guns if they could carry a variety of anointments. For instance, playing through the game I find a:

Lv. 72 Bekah
Beastmaster Anointed

  • While Gamma Burst is active, gain 115% radiation damage.
  • While Fade Away is active, gain greatly increased handling and accuracy.
  • After using Rakk Attack, 100% increased critical hit damage.
  • While Gravity Snare is active, gain 250% weapon damage.

Do you see? I can take the same weapon and use it across various action skills. What’s more, the anointments are all mutually exclusive so the weapon could not be manipulated to become far too powerful.

How about if weapons either came with general anoints (and maybe take back 300/90 and 150/50 nerfs) or anointed for a particular character? I have to say that I myself, as a player, would find this more appealing and would perhaps stop ignoring character-specific anointments.

What does everybody else think?


I’d prefer something like “Amara action skills do +100% damage”, or “while Zane has an action skill active, guns do +100% damage”, or “Iron Bear hardpoints do +100% damage”. Having multiple anoints would work too, one per action skill on a VH, but why not keep it simple and just have one anoint do it all?
There really is no point in having so many anointments that do the same thing, split up by individual VHs and split again by individual action skills.
I’d prefer a general “+100% action skills damage” and “+100% guns damage while action skills active”, but that’d require gearbox to actually balance characters, so instead we end up with dozens of anoints with tiny differences at most.


I think devs at this point are really out of touch with how their game is played. Obviously, they wanted to make character specific annoint more relevant and nerf the generic ones, but I bet none of them could actually sit down, understand, or even explain why is the generic anoint meta so strong.

So I invite all devs reading this to boot the game, and try to play Fl4k with Gamma Burst in raid scenarios, or even against Hemo. With Gamma Burst anoints only.
Then, switch to urad. And tell me which one is objectively better.

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Seriously though, why does gravity snare get 250% and gamma burst only 115%? It’s because gravity snare isn’t good enough on its own to use, so it needs a better anointment. Gearbox balance the game based on combining action skills with anoints instead of having fixed anoints and balancing skills to the same level. Its insanity.

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The 250 weapon damage is an easy fix for them. The only other action skill they could get away with putting that on is Zane’s Barrier.

That would depend on the build & playstyle :thinking:
+Those using Gamma Burst and the Red Fang Class Mod will have an immortal pet that distracts, meaning more survivability for Fl4k…
+Those using URad can combine Rakk Attack/Fade Away with it for more power & options…

Thing is, GBX has to cater to a wide variety of play styles…I don’t think they’re out of touch; these are just the issues that come with balancing a complex game.

I can see both sides to this…

It would cut down on farming IMMENSELY if you could just get more anointments on one weapon.

On the other hand, most people tend to stick to one build anyway, so for some people, all that wording and extra effect is just clutter…

Also, what if I didn’t want those :point_up_2: anointments, but 4 different Fl4k anointments on a weapon?
Am I gonna have to farm for different combinations of anointments now?
Wouldn’t it completely overshadow general anointments if I can have 4 Fl4k anointments on one gun?
Or are you saying there would ALSO be up to 4 general anointments on a weapon as well?
How many man-hours is GBX gonna have to put in to test and apply all of this(if approved)?

These are just questions that came up in my head as I read your argument…some things sound good on paper, but could turn into a cluster*** very fast.

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I d just say that it is perfectly justified to have different anoints for diferrent action skills, for instance phasecast is way more spammable than phaseslam so it is logical that phaseslam anoint has a higher value.
You people only care about urad anyway.

I figure it’s because Snare doesn’t do any damages itself at all but Gamma does Splash & D.O.T.

As far as VH specific anoints, I was already using them and stock piling then on level 13 mules based on characters and which skills were selected.

Back when loot was plentiful (or offline mode if you want crazy drops restored if you haven’t updated yet like me) getting a large mix of anointed gear for each VH and action skill was easy, and the biggest problem was Bank Management.

It seems these changes will reward the stream-ability of the game because now action skill based challenge runs will dominate the content creators and the lower drop rates will make for extended play times to complete those video series unless they farm off stream.

People asked for Pearls and ultra-rare loot to hunt, not realizing a color designation is arbitrary and RNG chances and drop sources are what make the loot ultra-rare. So voila, we have our pearls and white whales to chase now.

Someone asked about how rerolling would work and I think the best way would be to be able to reroll the character-specific anoints on your weapon individually at a reduced price, say 50 eridium. That would at least make it slightly less RNG-insane to farm for than a) we currently have or b) it would be if all 4 anointments simply rerolled.

Someone also mentioned being able to pay a higher sum of eridium (~500) in order to simply choose your anointment and I would highly support that.

One other problem with focusing on character specific anointments is bank space. Compared to the amount of legendaries in the game, I’d want the bank to be 2 to 3 times larger if I was to play with character-specific anointments as they currently are. I would also want a way to see all my weapons according to character and/or anointment.

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I can’t, and won’t. It’s just more f***ing interference. In what other industry in the world would you intentionally interfere with a user’s enjoyment of their product. Borderlands 3 is an exercise in frustration. Some grand council sits around and spoon feeds its users with what it thinks is best for us.

Other than the micromanaging, horrible design choices, and game breaking bugs, it’s not a bad game.


Not a fan of the character/skill specific anoints. I get the argument that some skill can be spammed faster, or deal less damage to start with, but the same is true of the guns, and yet we don’t have “on action skill end, Jacob’s shotgun damage increased 100%” versus “on action skill end Torgue shotgun damage increased 250%”. We just get a straight % increase across all guns. The N2M anoint doesn’t differentiate between a 2 shot shottie or an 80 round AR. There’s too much RNG in this game, we need to be trimming the fat instead of wallowing in it. We need a single action skill damage increase anoint, and ditch the rest. They also need to stop trying to force us down certain lanes, and return the anoint nerfs to their original stats. If everyone was gravitating to those, then those are the anoints that are working, and people are having fun with. You can either make the other anoints funner, or remove them, but telling us you’re reducing what we already love, and increasing what we don’t in an attempt to make us change our minds isn’t the way to go about it.


I tend to dislike annointments if they don’t buff gun damage at all. The guns are the most fun part of the game and if it’s not buffing those, it feels like you’re handicapping yourself.

Agreed. I like the annoints, but they seriously need to just make 1 action skill damage anointment. Just 1. Most of them boost by the same amount anyway.

What they did was flood the anointment pool to make farming/rerolling a pain in the ass.

I do like the 250 snare on Flak. I switched to that now and the damage is kinda wild and you have pretty decent survivability since you can hit the whole room up in the air.

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well they advertise over a billion guns and they are just delivering.

For me personally, i get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of anointments that are all game changers. i wish they toned down the effects of it that the anointments will not make or break your build and playstyles.

I am giving BL3 another go because of cartels and captain haunt which i both love back in the day.

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Would this be less of an issue was less costly? Maybe 50-100 eridium instead of 250. That way rerolling for the anointment we really want wouldn’t be a burden and the number of anointments would matter less.


Oh for sure. Considering how little eridium drops in general I feel like 50 would be more appropriate


Streisand effect. Ever since this change I’ve paid closer attention to non-character anointments. Turns out I prefer them even more now. And it makes sense. I will never use Salamander, Bearfist and a bunch of other anointments. Never have, never will. However, you can use urad, 90/100 on any character. And other non-character ones I normally wouldn’t consider. So GBX, with this change, you’ve made me a hard core believer in non-character anointments.

For me, if they entirely eliminated character specific, I would just shrug.

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