Thoughts on Early Balance and "P2W" Posts

First of all I love the game thus far, I’m really enjoying it, I’ve been apart of several games in their various stages, and I’m glad to be apart of this one as well. In saying that, from that past experience I hope gearbox is a developer that is willing to take player feedback into account in a major way, as the games that don’t may still be good upon launch but I’ve been disappointed to find that they become irrelevant relatively quickly after release, and that could be for a variety of reason’s admittedly.

So in regards to that, I would just like to say that I like many others seem to believe that leveling guns/abilities seems a little like it’s a P2W in a negative way, to the point that this system need not exist going into the actual launch of the game and should be scrapped sooner as opposed to later. I would recommend simply doing what other games oftentimes have been doing which is simply offer Cosmetic upgrades/loot in order to make veteran players feel special as they look and feel kitted out with their awesome character(?), weapon skins, ability skins/fx whilst also maintaining balance for both newcomers and older players.

In regards to pure balance, I won’t get into the nitty gritty as I don’t think I have those qualifications but from the time I’ve played, there are a few things that seem too strong at the moment that I’m sure will be toned down as time goes on.

  • Shotguns one shotting players at full health seems a little bit silly to say the least.
  • Vampirism is fine, other than the fact that you can pretty much regen back to full health, which I’d suggest either toning down the maneuverability of the bat flight ability, or severely toning down the ability to get HP back.
  • I love mines, the slow should be a little less strong.
  • I love my sentry buddy, however his damage for being in sight for just a moment is a little crazy.
  • Human Flame I don’t think should be an instant kill which every time I’ve seen it land in either direction it is an instant kill.
  • Excalibur, shouldn’t simply one shot you, not to mention it seems like a weird thing that if you are able to spawn it you should get it for the rest of the game… and as for that I think it should be either a 3rd weapon once summoned, being used as a mobility option and a decent damage dealing option like 50 damage so you have to get 2 consecutive hits or you can use it to dash through opponents then turn around and shotgun or rocket them OR it is simply another weapon archetype with significantly less damage, but is a mobility type weapon like the railgun.

Anyhow, all of these are just early ideas and impressions, feel free to tell me I’m wrong or crazy, I don’t mind, just putting my two cents out there.

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