Thoughts on Echelon

Since I’ve started playing it’s been rare to play on Echelon. The first couple times I played on it, I didn’t really get the huge popularity for Overgrowth. Don’t get me wrong, I like Overgrowth, but Echelon didn’t seem that bad.

Now that I’ve played it a few times though, I think I get it.

Once you get stuck in your base, it is extremely difficult to get out of that situation. The stairs go up out of your base and are very narrow. For the team assaulting it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Anyone on your team brave enough to stick their head out is going to get destroyed.

Of course, flanking is an option, but you still have to go through that narrow hallway to reach their side which leads you into the same problem. I guess you could go all the way around to their side to hit their rear, but that’s quite a lot of time you’re spending not defending your sentry who is being attacked.

Anyone else have any thoughts on Echelon they want to share?

EDIT: For Overgrowth when they hit your sentry you have 4 options. The tunnel, the chokepoint, the sniper spot, and going around go the middle. It’s way easier to work your way out of that.

I’d like to also add that on Echelon, character collision becomes a really huge issue. On the stairs, its really hard to maneuver properly when you have a friendly large character like Montana behind you who refuses to move off of the stairs.

Also map collision is a big annoyance as well. If you tap a stair or shoulder a corner with any ability, it casts on you more often than not.

Kelvin’s Sublimate is very hard to use on Echelon.

I actually like Echelon, the reason I don’t want to play it is because it still gives me FPS drops and really bad ones; mostly in the choke point that is the stairs by the first sentry.

For some reason I get a HUGE FPS drop there, I have to play a character with a scope and shoot from a distance to be able to aim and shoot properly.

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This is one of the biggest issues in this game for me. The amount of times I die after trying to retreat only to be confronted by a wall of Toby or Isic behind me…dead. Some team mates just aren’t aware enough.

Those steps on Echelon do need changing. They are a huge pain in the ass for both defence and attack likewise. We had Toby on the steps, and an Isic dropping his beacons, so I had to stand at the back or go all the way around. They could quite easily just open it up.

edit: otherwise I love map for the fights going off around the bridge and Thralls to the side.

BuffBoiProblems. Never experienced collision rage quite like I have while playing Attikus on Echelon.

I like the map as well, and agree the stairs are an issue, but at the same time I feel like it’s easier to defend the second sentry than it is on overgrowth. There’s no nest for recovery+ potshots, and backdooring isn’t as free. It’s more frantic and open.

There’s also a lack of large shard crystals on Echelon compared to Overgrowth. It makes it more difficult to build up your defences, especially once your first sentry is destroyed.

Yeah. It’s pretty rough for melee dependent characters. I usually run 0 cost gear (Movement or share generation) and a good wrench with a sub ability for building. It helps a lot since buildables get wrecked all day on that map.

Another huge problem for echelon or the stair locations. after the innitial fight it is hard to push all the way back to their base because of the stairs you have to shoot up in i think two locations before the midpoint. Playing benedict can be really hard because you don’t get as much aerial advantage in the middle. same goes for snipers, the only high points are in the sentry areas.

Also, the pain train is rediculous in that map. Montana with a miko alani and orendi behind him, and a rath in front of him is unstoppable because montana never dies and you can’t get behind him since he blocks off the hallway.