Thoughts on Gear for Thorn


What gear do you guys recommend using for Thorn? I just started playing her and holy crap is she awesome. I know her legendary is a necessity once you have it, but I don’t have it yet. I was just wondering what you guys found the most effective to run with on her.

I’m currently using a piece that gives me a little under 200 shield, health regen, and critical/skill damage bonus. It seems effective, but I’m wondering if I could be supper effective.

(Where's lucky?) #2

I currently have 2 versions of the same set

0 cost +attack damage - shield regen
0 cost +skill damage - shield regen

Then I swap a few for the third spot
0 cost +shards per second - reload speed
0 cost +health regen - shield capacity
0 cost +max health - reload speed

PVP I usually go shards so I can build like crazy and level faster
I keep going between the other 2 for some survival.


Interesting. I don’t ever really bother with shard gen on her since she is so fast. Collecting shards is easy enough to do. Those sounds like solid Capture builds though.

(Where's lucky?) #4

I do it so I can let my teammates grab them and I can still build. I rarely die with thorn in PVP and most of the time I don’t have to go back to base either, just duck around and come back ready for more.

(wisecarver) #5

This is mine: (Shards) (Health) (Speed)
I’ve got Gold on each Advanced Hardcore using that to keep her alive and Blighting everything down.

(PsychoChocoChip) #6

I guess mines slightly different! I find myself playing very up front (sometimes a bit too much, overextend its my b), but I go with a low cost shield, A health buff (Gets my health to almost 1900 something), and skill damage.
I always activate the health buff first. Then the shield, then skill.

(wisecarver) #7



If you put the piece of gear that looks like a battery and gives +1XX shield capacity on any Eldrid, it gives you the +1XX as a shield. You just pimped your Eldrid, dawg.

(Nick Infidel) #9

Wow, never knew that! May have to give that a go, although I rarely die as thorn in PVP, it might net me a kill or two more since it might let me stay in a battle a few seconds longer


I think I play her way too expensive. I didn’t touch her loadout since I’ve started the game and it has like two purples and a blue one and as I learn about the game, I see this is a hindrance. Even more because I think I put completely wrong items.

I put items that buff damage and hp regen (and sprint speed and hp bonus). Now, while this does kinda enhance her kit, I think I actually need something that changes a bit her kit - tell me if I’m wrong, please.
The more I play, the more I feel I don’t actually need anything of the above (damage, regen, sprint), but rather, for example, shields or shards, stuff like that. I feel as she has enough of those things and also you will never buff her regen to be, well, viable (as in, have crazy regen that actually “does stuff” in game). Regen seems simply like a stat that can’t “soar that high” in terms of mechanics - ie, in the end of the day, you still go back to base or camp the healing station, regardless of ridiculous amount of regen you put in. Just seems like that to me. Her damage output is already high. With crits is even higher. He already runs possibly the fastest in the game.

So, what you guys think? What would be a loadout for me? I mean, for me as in - I pretty much run around with her, I don’t exactly go melee range, but I might, I rarely snipe, except maybe on incursion maps. I use her as some kind of rath, to be most precise, although it sounds stupid. I have a good technical ability when it comes to something like 180 degree turn and head shot in a very short amount of time and also I have a good spatial awareness if I jump and look all over the place while in the air. I feel that maybe damage/shields might benefit me more?
Oh, I also rarely die, but also rarely kill, but generally have lots of assists. I do roam a bit, unless team is bent on staying in the other lane, in which case I try to employ what starting power she has and, well, lane. But in an ideal scenario, I like to jump on peoples’ heads and shoot at them and kill them through simple attrition (I hit them more than they hit me).

(Graum) #11

My current setup is this:

Lore Legendary with 12% crit and some other stat I dont remember and the instant curse on full draw (this is way more useful in practice than it sounds).

Epic grade Attack Speed (9.8%) with 8% crit damage

Common grade attack damage (9.8%, looking for a better one with crit secondary preferred).

Crits do 450 with curse on average. And ive done 2.3k focused volley on mercs before, was kinda awesome.

(PsychoChocoChip) #12

I thought attack speed doesn’t affect Thorn?

(ThisWasAMistake ) #13

Does it? Would love to know!

(ThisWasAMistake ) #14

Also does a decrease in heal power affect her health regen passive?

(Graum) #15

Honestly havent noticed it myself :stuck_out_tongue: I just take it on the assumption it does and to stack crit damage lol. Ill try making a timed recording and see sometime

(Graum) #16

Nope, those arent related. Idk if it effects your supply stations tho

(Shermanator92) #17

I use a good amount of shards for my gear set.
The fact is that (with randoms), I know that the shards are more valuable in my hands.

This seems to work the best for me
Her 1,800 legendary (obviously)
~700 +Attack Damage -Shield
~900 +Skill Power -Shield

It takes a while to build up that many shards, but the full build is incredible. Play her well and her early game struggles are nothing in comparison to her huge mid game power spike.

(Doritosgeenstijl) #18

I go gealth regen (+8 p/s), hp (~450 after surviving 180 sec) and either attack dmg (9%) + health (190) or Skilldamage (+6%) and health (190).

(wisecarver) #19

…Can’t believe this actually worked!
My Thorn is practically invincible now.

(ThisWasAMistake ) #20

Whats the name of the gear? Would love to have some shield on thorn.