Thoughts on Gear for Thorn

(wisecarver) #21

Like stated above just the best you find that looks like a battery and charges shields.
The one I have also generates shards.

(chelton91) #22

Wow nice, what’s your 3 pieces of gear?

(wisecarver) #23

First I activate the best shard generator.
I also use a Cooldown timer.
Was using a health pump but now switched to the shield gen.

(chelton91) #24

I have never once used shard gen, any reason you can explain to me why they are viable since I personally have no use for them lol. I just use offense, defense gear.

(wisecarver) #25

With each character the first thing I activate is the Shard generator.
Once it begins working you can soon activate your other mods, some of mine cost 1800 so those shards are valuable.

(PsychoChocoChip) #26

Not sure if anyone still cares, but I was having trouble with the lore challenge the last, and unknowingly stacked my gear pretty well. A max health boost that got my health to around 1900. A shard generator which gave bonus shard every time theres a pickup, and vidanium root tea which dropped a health pickup every seven seconds (stacked well with the shard generator!). I finished te archive on advanced hc with the sentry on full health! (Thumper turrets for errybody).

What I did come here again for however, is what people think about the root tea in PVP. I already have thorns legendary as one, health buff as another, nd skill damage. Would anyone recommend root tea for pvp too?

(King of Thorn) #27

In my opinion and experience of this game so far as using thorn as my main and pretty much 95% of the games I have played. Thorn is all about Skill Damage, AoE, And crit damage (altho crit damage will be less common damage compared to skill & AoE).

With that in mind, I Tend to base my build strongly around Skill Damage and Natures curse positive Helix. Helix looks like this quickly:

  1. Swampfoot
  2. Cursed earth - curse when in blight
  3. Draw Strength
  4. Kresheks judgement - volley curse on hit
  5. Hextension - extra 10% skill damage when cursed & little extra time
    6 Brutal Blight - extra %15 damage for blight
  6. Phasing arrows
  7. Enduring Blight - extra blight time
  8. Kresheks rage - extra 15% volley skill damage
  9. Earth render - blight upon ult detonation.

Gear-wise, I currently run:

Thorn legendary - Mainly for the arrows instant curse at full draw (plus extra crit damage and health regen is always good for thorn)

Voxis Core legendary (temp disabled) - this thing was BEAST. it had +130 sheild. as well as having extra skill damage %4 which might not seem like much but also had the extra %15 stack to enemies near the skill so it would stack and literally melt players or enemies in seconds (it was way too OP so that’s why they are currently nerfing the extra %15 stack damage to not stack and just be %15) but even after the nerf it will very good for all AoE and skill damage characters.

or if you have no voxis then any skill damage legendary or epic you can get that’s best for you, I would recommend skill damage + health, h regen, or att damage maybe. that depends on you really tho.

Third gear piece - I usually use a piece that has Skill damage of +6% and then +180ish health.

by putting a lot of effort into skill damage with gear and then helixing most of them towards skill damage, then it means that when u curse an enemy (always should be first thing done when entering a fight/duel in this build either by full draw arrow or cursed volley) it means you are dealing an extra 35% with the helix help and then extra 15% more damage for blight and volley as well with helix help, and finally another nearly 10% with gear additions (not sure how that adds in terms of total percentage tbh, but I know its a lot!). Believe me, you will hit hard with Blight like a train! volley hits pretty hard if well aimed, as well as cursing them for extra 35% damage for the following blights and volleys or ultimates. And when the Ultimate get levels 10, enemies that are cursed go down every time even at full health if all three skills are used correctly or well. the ultimate deals up to 750 as standard…if against a cursed enemy in this build it will hit around 900 with helix help, PLUS another 10% with gear so lets say around 1000ish, then when the blight is left under them after detonation as well dealing around 124 damage (when fully helixed etc) every half a second, by the time they get out of blight (if they don’t die, because they usually will!) with all the skill damage extra damage they will have been dealt roughly anything around 1250-1500+ easily. Usually for me its more, because I would have cursed them with volley before as well (so more damage!) And that’s without any arrows u can hit during this whole ordeal as well as any other damage from teammates, minions or turrets etc.

this build has given me a LOT of success and fun. And it means if you get good at it then u will be regularly at the top of leaderboards for kills and damage dealt.

I appreciate from reading others replies, other people have differing opinions on how to play thorn. This is just mine that she is all about skill damage! Hope it helps.

(The MONTANA!!) #28

Gear wise the root tea legendary I’m not sure about. I have the same one and used it in PvP for a while, but I eventually went back to my old gear setup. It was nice, but I don’t find myself running around for a full six seconds much in PvP. Maybe during capture I would, but the low amount of shards on the capture maps makes it hard to gather enough for a 1800 gear piece. By the time you unlock it, the match is probably close to over anyway.
In the other modes the only time I ran long enough for it to activate was from the spawn to the battle. Other than that if I wanted to activate it I would run to the supply station and run in circles. It was pretty effective and would make me gain full health in a short amount of time, but I found myself having to do that much more often because it took place of one of my total health gear pieces. By the end of it I realized I was spending much more time away from the battle. Also if you have a halfway decent healer on your team, I wouldn’t use the root tea.
I’m not 100% sure, but I’m fairly certain jumping resets the six second timer as well, and I jump around a lot during PvP. Especially after level seven.

(Drklordnecro) #29

My build is focused on survival which plays fairly well in most modes.
White 0 cost shard gen
Blue + to health , + to health with 0 shield
Blue + hp regen, + hp Regen on player or major enemy kill or assist.

It works out greatly and I tried swapping out the health for pacifier which worked out ok but was lacking in my opinion.

It doesn’t do much damage but her survivable factor is really nuts. The build is cheap and fairly quick to get. Not the best build but I’ve soloed advance missions with 0 deaths on it and pvp with it is pretty reliable on minimizing deaths.

(LootHunter_twitch) #30

This is actually really good with Thorn. I usually stick loads of health and regen, but I did a Shield version today and went 18-0. Not sure if Shields have a damage reduction? @Derch any idea?

Just been mucking about with max crit loadouts to see how high I could get it. Makes you a glass cannon but holly cow does our Girl does some Pimp crits:


I have another one that gives a 2nd bonus whilst taking health dmage, so will pimp it up and see what bonza numbers we see.

Also suggests from that shot that the nasty Thrall have about 4500HP…