Thoughts on heirloom gear in borderlands

So I feel like the vibra-pulse and bullpup have shown that a great deal of people appreciate being able to have decent on-level gear for those times when you are just struggling to push through a couple of levels. That being said, the less than intentional nature of this implementation has divided the community in places. Now there are purists who only want to play as the game was intended, opportunists who take advantage of exploits as being “part of the game” without being cheating, and the typical haxorz. So I was wondering how people would feel about the opportunity to earn heirloom gear similar to the setup they have in other RPGs. My idea is that you would have a chance to earn a piece of gear, upon completing whatever the highest playthrough is, that would scale to your level (like skyrocket), and be somewhere around a weaker blue in terms of effectiveness. That way you can fall back on this weapon when the times are tough, it’s still something you earn, and all the while it’s not overpowered in the slightest. If it worked out it could even be something where each manufacturer would have their own piece of heirloom gear so you had options and were encouraged to play other characters through to completion. What does everyone think about something like this being in a borderlands game?


I’m always down for something new in the game, even if it’s not something I would use myself. That said, doesn’t the Golden Chest fill this role (a place to get good, on-level gear for rough patches)?

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It would be nice to have something for those folks who aren’t able (for whatever reason) to connect on-line. I know that’s a shrinking pool, but still…


I think the golden chest is nice, but doesn’t quite serve that purpose for most people. People seem to hoard golden keys until they feel like they are at a point where it is safe to spend some and then splurge and not really get anything they want. This is, of course, only based on my experience with people in person and chatting online and there may be people who use them just as you are saying. The golden keys, however, are free and often give you higher level gear than I feel a system like this would require. All in all, I think the golden keys are the best “as intended” fill for this role that we currently have, but I think more often than not they end up not filling that role for one reason or another. If it were a concern that the golden keys were a conflicting interest then they could be modified slightly to serve a different purpose. I myself have always liked the idea of them more than the implementation and I’m not certain why. Perhaps they could be more rare, or you could spend extra keys to specify a gear grouping (by manufacturer or item type perhaps?) or something like that. I feel a change in that way would make them more beneficial to people who have saved up and are finally ready to spend in hopes of some good gear, but I also see that as the main use for the golden keys.

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Yeah, if getting the same tediore purple pistols and scav quad barrel shotties or the endless ranks of bad purple nade mods count as good gear.

Might be a different story if it could poop out luneshine stuff.

Not exactly. A lot of golden chest gear is OP for on-level play… At least in my experience. I’ve used some Golden Chest gear for 10+ levels and it was just a little frustrating at times.

A breath of fresh air is what this series needs. Not that it’s a bad set of games, but its starting to get a tad jaded.

“Old reliable” gear would be an interesting addition if implemented with the correct balance.

While I’m mostly indifferent to it, it’s kind of annoying when I see “bullpup this, bullpup that!” There’s more than one weapon in the game. Sure, a lot of people genuinely have fun with it, but there’s other play styles too.

Yeah, this is the exact reason why I think it needs to be weak enough to be relegated to a back-up weapon, while still being reliable when needed.