Thoughts on how fun is Zer0?

Now I never really enjoyed playing characters like these, I’m naturally not a sniper guy though after seeing some builds/videos of him. I found out not only you can play him as a melee character, but you don’t need to use a sniper with him :slight_smile:

For someone new to Zer0 how fun is he? I"m an Axton/Krieg player so what kind of learning curve would there be for me by using someone like Zer0?

Zer0 requires precision in everything he does. This character doesn’t have a “save the day” skill, like Phaselock, Turret, Gunzerking, etc. If you’re good, he’s very fun and very, very powerful. If you’re bad, he will feel frustrating and weak.

Once you learn how to use him he’s a fun character. Since you don’t like sniping you should look into some of the pistol and/or melee builds that are out there.

My original. Tough learning curve, can be brutal goin through UVHM but very rewarding once you get the hang of it. A cold-blooded killer.

I’d definitely try him out, as he does just fine with non-specific weapon builds. His “game changing” skills add mechanics that are fun to use. If you’re not yet aware:

*B0re makes it so that when you line up one enemy in front of another and fire your gun (some projectiles don’t apply to this), the round flies through the first enemy for normal damage, but the enemy behind it will also get hit for way more damage. Going invisible, then lining them up for a shot like this is quite fun. Lining up several in a row turns into a massacre fast.

*Execute lets Zer0 dash forward very quickly for a noticeable distance when an enemy is targeted. If the enemy is in range, it’ll eat a lot of melee damage bringing you out of Decepti0n, but if not, you just cover a lot of distance. You can use this to pursue flying enemies by re-Executing after them, as you will dash repeatedly upward. Meleeing flying enemies from altitude is difficult but insanely rewarding. Execute (if it doesn’t kill the enemy) will knock back most enemies, and stun them. Knocking them into environmental hazards (off cliffs, into Satan’s Suckhole, into lava, under a falling platform, whatever) is a staple of my Assassin runs.

*Unf0rseen makes his hologram explode for shock damage. You can kill low level critters with it, and even high level enemies if you really build around it. It’s also super fun to Execute an enemy such that it doesn’t die, but is incredibly weak when it gets knocked back into your hologram, where Unf0rseen finishes it off. Bam - Zap!

*Death Mark/Kunai don’t change the way I play exactly: it’s almost like an enhanced slag: enemy eats more damage while marked (and kunai just add their own damage onto this), then it runs out and you have to re-apply. It does let you track some otherwise untrackable enemies when they’re marked like this though (there’s a little zero that floats over their head).

Zer0’s got some very good baseline weapon-enhancing skills even if you’re not into melee or sniping (dude’s got insane reload skills, accuracy buffs, zoom buffs, damage buffs, fire rate buffs, projectile speed buffs, weapon swap buffs). If you’re not a fan of his action skill, I don’t think his other skills would make up the difference, but his action skill used in conjunction with “traditional” weaponry is still quite a tactical enhancement.

[quote=“DSs, post:2, topic:495993”]This character doesn’t have a “save the day” skill, like Phaselock, Turret, Gunzerking, etc.[/quote]Decepti0n does this for me just fine? Whenever something (except Wormhole Threshers, to which few characters’ escape plans work) catches me off guard, Decepti0n forces their focus elsewhere, healing starts, and I get to make a mad dash for cover. Maya’s Phaselock is otherwise my favorite backup plan, but for un-Phaselockable things (say a UBA Pyre thresher), she’s on her own (where Decepti0n will still let me make a clean getaway). Even throwaway decoys like Deathtrap or the Sabre Turret don’t guarantee that some enemy won’t take the bait and continue hunting you down.

I like him because he can be used in multiple situations. You can use him to snipe out enemies, you can use him to deal lots of melee damage, and you can just use his ability to run past enemies when farming

Playing Zer0 huh, he’s good at far and close range, I necro this thread