Thoughts On How Long The Servers Will Stay Alive For?


What other games have had support withdrawn that still have their servers up?

Have any just kind of been up for like years after support for a game is cut off?

I know the Evolve servers are still up, despite support being withdrawn.

Alternately, have there been any games where support was withdrawn where the servers went down very quickly?

Is there any precedent we may be able to base our expectations of the remaining Battleborn server life on?

Thanks in advance.

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Please, when you open a topic keep productivity & constructivity in mind.
Wild guesses can easily lead to panic (“I red in in the web, it must be true”) in the worst case, or a saltmine in the less bad case.

There´s always the possibilty to directly approach GBX-devs via PM over the Forum or per e-mail, to ask the people who are closest on the source. (though I doubt they have an ETA on server-shutdown yet either.)

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Sorry - wanted to write a reminder, but so tired I closed it.

As said in the post above, I don´t think wild guesses help.

Aside that @FlamesForAll has a big list of questions, so feel free to discuss.

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This thread had a near death experience!

It saw the light at the end of the tunnel and said, “Noooo, I still have so much to live for…!”

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Thanks, Ganjy!

Who said support for BB is withdrawn/cut off? There won’t be updates anymore, but support isn’t necessarily over.

As for the examples, there are still servers for Diablo II (2000) and Counter-Strike: Source (2004).

As for less popular games, Test Drive Unlimited 2 (2011) had both publisher and developer gone bancrupt in 2012, but the game had servers running upto 2016. Servers are still not officially dead, but this year they were more time down than up.

Test Drive Unlimited (2006) servers were up for 6 years. There’s still an online play for Grid 2 (2013).

Resident Evil 5 came out in 2009 and I watched my friend play an online pvp match on it just a couple months ago.