Thoughts on how to implement a strike bomber?

I’ve been thinking about possible ways to implement a long range strike bomber type ship that the player and ai can use

The thought is that the ship would be a bomber that is hyperspace capable, has medium range missiles that it fires in a salvo and then breaks off, potentially with a turret for defense. Counters would be fighter patrols and sufficient point defenses to shoot down the missiles

Ideally the salvo can be player controlled for micro, the AI would just fire the weapons at a closer range. I would like to have carriers and support frigates act as mechanisms to ‘reload’ the salvos

So, thoughts on scripting,weapons and the like to make this happen?

The problems I see are

  1. how to make ship disengage so it doesn’t get chewed up once it fires its payload
  2. how to simulate ammo for the salvo
  3. how to provide reload capability from carriers and support ships either in a radius or via auto docking

My previous approach was to give the ship two missiles, one with a low damage and short reload and the other very long reload high damage, this would make it fire a salvo initially at long range, have some utility while in close and then usually if they survive have a new salvo for a future target


I have some thoughts, but as I’m headed to bed, they’ll have to wait. :confused:

I’ve actually implemented this in my Wing Commander mod, for torpedo bombers. Right now, my planes have a limited amount of antiship torpedoes and they automatically break off and return to base when their ammo is out. In addition to that, I’ve set up a system that can, for a human player, deactivate the auto RTB mechanic. If you are interested, I can PM you the code and systems required to do it, but, yeah, all three elements you talk about are working quite nicely both in skirmish and solo missions.

Edit: there, sent you the PM with the mechanics behind the ammunition management system.


I really love the idea.

Ooh you genius mad scientist! Sorry to bother you but can I request a PM with the info on the ammo count system? I’d be interested in using it for BrickSpace Prime and BrickSpace Meta edition Somtaaw.

Nevermind then.

Oh you can still mind. There are other interesting things you can do with a bomber.

Now I am thinking of automated munitions ships that would resupply(heal) ships subsystems, like fleet tenders. It would add an interesting dynamic to play where defending your munitions was an objective

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There, sent you a PM with the mechanics required to make it work. If you need more details or explanation, I’ll be glad to answer your questions. :slight_smile:

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…and, can I join the party?


Sure. I sent you an invite to the PM conv.

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Awsome, thank you.

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No problem. And I’m sure you’ll know how to appreciate the interest of the last part, given what you posted earlier about it, if you get my meaning. :slight_smile: