Thoughts on Incursion changes

Incursion is very different game after the recent updates.

The sentry is extremely weak, a single minion wave and two players can kill it in less than a minute. It doesn’t do very much damage, making melee characters able to feel useful when you finally push up (but also giving enemies free reign in your base).

The buffed minions make the game far more objective asked than “kill the bad guys then shoot their sentry for a bit.” For that, I am thankful.

The Thrall grenades means that it’s much harder to get double Thralls, often requiring two players. This makes double Thralls a much more tactical choice, as it lowers your lane presence.

Comebacks are a thing again. It used to be rare to recover from losing your first sentry, now a single wave pushed all the through can save the game for you. Once players realize this, surrenders will drop off and more players will stick it out to the bitter end in hopes of “that one big push.”

All in all, I’m happy. More tactical than just killing enemy players and endless backdooring, while ignoring the minions and Thralls for the most part.


I agree, although the sentry isn’t weaker, it fires at a slower rate and is easier to avoid. They changed the targeting too.

The main thing this did was make buildables and the giant minion even more valuable as well as making it more important to protect your minions. Meaning, tactics are more important than items.

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And this is why I resumed playing Incursion.

Before the change, the game was often decided by the enemy composition even before the match began, ESPECIALLY on Overgrowth : Oscar Mike, Orendi and every AoE master out there just shred minion waves like no tomorrow, and if you had no AoE master of your own, you could kiss your minion pushs goodbye.With the buff to minions and the return of Shepherd Bots, one OM can’t destroy every wave thrown at him (that and the napalm nerf…).

Also, the Thralls fell like wet tissue paper before the patch. I mean, why would you venture off your lane for a buffed up minion that dies in three seconds? Even though you need to be two to take the double, at least they have some lane presence now, which is good.

Though, I disagree with one thing : Sentries didn’t become weak per se, they just are not able to oneshot everyone solo anymore in 0,5 seconds. They now fulfill their roles better, that is, to give additional cover to Battleborn in range and to punish players trying to solo them down for too long.


I concur

Only thing that bothers me is the sheperd bots overshield. it just comes too randomly and even sometimes when you are about to destroy them even after they have activated their overshield they do it again. not sure what triggers it but last night on my last game played I had a high amount of damage done to overshields and during the game it just felt like that sheperd bot would spam overshield while ours just escorted the minions and died even though we were the ones clearing their minions up more than them.

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I came to this thread expecting another list of grievances that amounted to “this isn’t how it used to be,” but was pleasantly surprised to see a happy endorsement. I also concur and appreciate you vocalizing this.


The shepherds are activated either at a time interval or distance interval. My bet is time, but I haven’t tested.

If you watch the Shepard bots, they make their little energy plates hover out while they’re charging the overshield. That’s your que to kill it very quickly.

Also, if you didn’t know, they have a critical spot on the side (the little orb shaped thrusters) to help you kill them faster.


I’m enjoying incursion way more than before with the new changes.

I’ve seen a lot of complaints about games being over in 5 minutes but that hasn’t really been my experience, it’s been a much better ebb and flow in my mind.

Early game pushes are still EXTREMELY strong though, especially considering the low respawn timer.

True, but that changes on a dime once the first sentry goes down and gets worse with a few levels. I really find it a good balance.

What got nerfed is dumb compositions.

A team of full healers are not that strong as they used to be, yes they can be a pain in the ** but they lack the power to destroy waves.

A balanced team with same skill lvl should destroy minions faster and push them away


^This. I cincerely hope Gearbox keeps these changes, as it keeps me from having to deal with two tank/support combos on the enemy team.

It is a very different game because they shifted the focus from Player vs Player to an extremely heavy focus on CPU controlled units. Which you then set and forget and watch as they do 100% of the work.

The Sentry isn’t weak. It is exactly as strong as it was previously. The only thing different is now people actually notice the fact melee bots rip the shield off the sentry in just 1.5-3 seconds with a single one. Due to them being stronger+weaker aoe+sheperdbot. Then you compound the fact that Thralls are bat ■■■■ OP now anyone who gets them will literally crush down any sentry they choose to look at.

Melee’s were already useless at the Sentry except in very specific situations that required you to actually know what you were doing. Most melee’s could maul a Sentry at 35%. Which is something you could leverage if you chose to give the melee max lightning turret for the exp.

It is objective based but for all the wrong reason because unlike other mobas where you still have to do something with the objective, in this case you don’t. They just charge right up the loading ramp and pow right in the kisser.

I do agree with the harder to take thralls, you know, since they are all OP and stuff now.

Yes and no. Mostly no because this version almost entirely revolves around the lack of strategy. Anyone good would take your single, their single then doubles and crush you.

thralls are small fry. the elite bot takes much more to bring down.

That still requires strategy because they have to get to your single first before they can take it and, if you’re keeping a proper eye out, will be very difficult for them. I’ve rarely had a game where the other team took our single thrall while our first sentry was still alive.

In 300 games of incursion I have seen countless strategies.

I have never had our Thrall taken before the first sentry dies.

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I disagree about the sentry fulfilling it’s role better now. I think it’s worse. Those slow lasers made it so players can easily kick it’s ass avoiding its attacks. Yes you are supposed to defend the sentry, but it needs to put up a fight also, as the last line of minion defense before the enemy gets ahead or wins. It is now just a dormant robot that might do damage if you sit still. It did as much damage as it did prepatch for a reason. Because it was the main target in the whole mode. I shouldn’t be able to backdoor the other team’s sentry, take the shield out, and a chunk of its health with El Dragon, who should die in the drop of a hat to it. But I pulled it off because those lasers are useless now.


Yeh I like new incursion but after a lot of thought I realize my only gripe with it is how friggin helpless the sentry feels now. His “big attack” is kinda useless and any ranged character can solo a sentry without taking damage, given enough time. Makes backdoor shenanigans still very much a thing. Hell, backdoor shenanigans is basically Echelon in a nutshell.

The mega-dmg warp-torpedo (warpedo?) should move fast enough that you can’t be confident in your ability to dodge it. Middle Thralls should not be more threatening than the sentries… and they are… by a loooooong shot. When I see the yellow nade circle my immediate, learned response is “shitshitshitshitshitshitshit” and when I see the big blue warpedo, my learned response is “lol that’s cute” -> sidestep. Whiskey Foxtrot, ISIC, Toby, Oscar Mike, and more all shrrrreeeeddd the sentry now before anyone can stop them.

I wish the blue mega weapon was faster, that it would end in a massive explosion, and also that the sentry wasn’t helpless against friggin gunbots w/o player intervension. It’d be cool if actually fighting/killing a sentry was dangerous and tense.

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I actually haven’t played pvp Battleborn in a while since the incursion changes. I can’t stand them. They change everything too drastically too fast, then once they realize how they broke the game, they take more drastic measures to mask it up. GBX is struggling with how to balance a game like Battleborn. I can’t dog them too much though, it’s gotta be a beast to manage


If in the beginning, Incursion was introduced to be another variation of meltdown than there wouldn’t be a problem.

IMO Incursion was the mode designed wth a perfect balance of pve within a pvp environment. Now it is mostly pve with those minions that constantly spawn. The classic Incursion that many truly enjoyed was taken away. The devs really excel at letting you enjoy something for them to remove it later on.

The new incursion and CR hidden made me stopped playing this game.