Thoughts on ISIC's "Dash" (and Incursion)

I plan on making a video of this and tossing it on youtube later today but I found this interesting and somewhat awesome ISIC play possibility. It would easily be shut down by an enemy that is paying attention of course, but I have won 2 matches with it so far (yeah I know I’m realllllll experienced now xD).

Here’s what I have noticed:

  • The dash is actually more of a teleport. It is practically instant. There isn’t a really relevant travel time to call it a dash in my opinion. It’s like a blink that punishes everyone caught in between him and his destination.

  • It can be aimed in almost any direction. This allows him to scale some walls (and quite a few gaps in PvE).

While this is really neat in PvP that it can be used to get to new places, the implications for PvP are pretty neat. I know this isn’t going to impress any Benedict players, but you can get to the enemy crystal ledges on incursion. I mean the ones flanking the merc duo thralls. This lets you steal the crystal and something else.

The something else is that with proper placement you can shoot the first enemy Sentry from around that corner and kite them towards the building with the resupply station. There’s a sweet spot where the Sentry cannot hits you and instead stumbles around that building. At level 5 ISIC can solo the Sentry from here during a teamfight, potentially changing the game’s direction. He can do this with ult in about ~45 sseconds ish. I’m not sure of the exact time but I did it pretty fast last time.

Maybe the Sentry manipulation is a bug that needs to be reported and really anyone could do it that can get there (like soloing the second sentry from the previously mentioned building), but ISIC just seems exceptionally good at this with his blink and decent damage output at level 5.

The first potential drawback here is that you miss out on levels, but the path is good for grabbing a lot of crystals and you can upgrade everything for your team pretty fast. I need to investigate how EXP works and whether or not this would actually make you an EXP hog instead.

The other possible drawback is that splitpushing from here leaves your team 1 less guy, but it also might force someone to constantly check on your location to make sure you aren’t still doing it after they catch on. I kept a Miko focused on keeping me away instead of healing his team once because his team didn’t seem to notice what I was doing.

EDIT: You can smash the enemy supply station and turret in that building from here as well. This provides some exp. It might also provide exp to your enemies as well when they go to repair it though.

Exp is gained from one of 3 ways. 1 getting an assist on minions or players this includes any buffs, healing or debuffs you provide to your team. 2 Killing said minions or players. 3. Building or destroying buildables. Shards are also shared among your teamates about 20% so the more you farm the better your team will do.

Well that is good to know shards are already shared. I mainly meant that maybe there’s a better strategy than what I am doing.

I should have clarified that what I am doing is farming so well and rushing activation of my decent shard generator item. I usually end up maxing everything on the battlefield pretty fast and I felt like this might take away opportunities from my allies. Its probably a non-issue as long as the enemy is active enough to break stuff though.

In my opinion and experience the faster your building things the better. A lot of people are still getting used to the game and not really worrying about building things or collecting shards as my average for shards is around 10000+ per game and my teammates are averaging around 4000 or so. they typically only have enough to buy their gear and maybe buy a turret upgrade or two. I’m guessing they don’t know you get exp from it.

If your worried about stealing exp from them try to ping whatever thing you wish for them to upgrade and see if anyone follows up and if not do it yourself. If they have a mic then it’s a lot easier to let them know obviously.