Thoughts on Kleese post patch?

I’ve mastered Kleese already and I was a bit worried how powerful he might become after reading the new patch notes. I haven’t tried him since the patch but I’ve gone up against a few so far and his survivability has gone through the roof.

Have you been dominating with him? Having trouble against him? Post your thoughts.

Dont like the tanky Kleese… I see Kleese on the front lines more than ever now

Tbh, if he’s going to be that tanky, he needs a damage nerf on his main weapon, not to mention I’ve seen people using him to take out the Sentry almost single handedly on the new incursion map.

Although they increased his max HP, he still has a big hitbox and is still vulnerable to Shield Penetration, as much of his survivability comes from his Rift Net.

Haven’t played him myself since the patch.
But I did play against him as WF. And he’s still basically a free kill for me, with the 100% Shield Pen Helix at Level 10.

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He’s the same but he sucks at healing now.


He’s more damage and territory control than support now. This was IMO not the best way to encourage more use of other level 5 choices.

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If kleese is almost at double his hp now they need to decrease the damage and range of his taser it kills melees way too quickly and because he’s so tanky now he can literally chase down chars with that stupid thing

I’ve posted about Kleese in a few other topics now, but on control maps I can easily got 3-1 or 4-2 with Kleese and one other person. Anyone who knows how to play an attack Kleese with him will turn him into a monster.

I think that heal chair nerf was a little too much. 120 hps was too high, but 38 hps is too low. Somewhere around 70-80 might work, because of how you have to be in Kleese’s goddamn lap to receive his heals.


800-900 damage energy mortars. yay. Hes like orendi but tanky. Bigger target, but also much more support and cc.
Who cares about heal chair nerf? Hes not a healer. Hes a shielder. One helix that gives him an entire new role is a bit much

I wish I did not have him mastered now, I am currently working on finishing everyone else’s lore before I go back to my favorite characters (kleese being one of my best).

That laser though, good luck closing in on him now that he is tanky.

I do, he’s the only support who can’t heal himself, so it’d be nice if I could heal people’s health faster than molasses, when they also have to be right next to me. Puts me in more danger than it should.


He can heal himself, energy rifts, he has big shield. Hes not a healer hes a ‘shielder’, thats how he heals, not sure how you specifically define healing but he can constantly regenerate his survivability.

Hardly, shields regenerate. Health doesn’t unless you have gear. Healing shields is important, but any amount of shield penetration will ruin you. Don’t believe me? Run any offensive character with one shield pen gear equipped, and fight a Kleese. Tell me how useful those rifts are when he can’t heal the health damage you’re doing.

Just because he’s a shielder doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have a health heal option, one that isn’t terrible. I have no problem with the radius, but the hps is a problem, in fact, it’s really the only problem I have with Kleese.

His utility justifies his low health pool, just like the high hps of heal chair used to justify how close you had to be to your teammates, because any amount of AoE poses a huge threat while you’re trying to heal someone, and at 38 hps, it’s just not worth the risk. 120 may be too much, but I really think 80 isn’t unreasonable.

EDIT: Also, this game is supposed to be about depth and play styles, but if one option is so utterly useless, that everyone uses the other option, then doesn’t that contradict the whole draw of the game? What the devs have been advertising for?


Any amount of shield pen means you sometimes have to go back to tap the supply station. He’s a territory/shielder, and he does that, but hes also a nuker and tank now. Shields dont regenerate while you’re being shot, but energy rifts still refill them in combat, and can heal them a ton. Heal Chair is slightly better than a tier 1 supply station, so just think of him as a mobile supply station. Dont want to make him better than Sunspots.
Why exactly, because hes a certain listed role, should he ‘not’ have something? That makes no sense. Just because OM is a pusher doesnt mean he should get a heal ?
Just because Shayne+Aurox are brawler initiators doesnt mean she shouldnt be able to snipe?

What low hp pool? You do know his HP was massively buffed right?

What OPTION are you losing out on, the ‘being the best healer with one helix’ option? There are plenty of ways to play Kleese, and Heal Chair is probably still the best option of the three Helix’s.

I think Kleese’s buff was a necessity IMO. Kleese was a joke of you were playing as Marquis and he was still insanely easy to kill with any other ranged character. He might be tankier but he’s still a huge predicable target.

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I’m sorry, but now this just sounds like you’re reversing your statement, “Who cares about heal chair nerf”

Try it in game. 38 is nothing. It’s not enough to be useful, at all. I main supports, and I can tell you from experience, that he’s an underwhelming support, possibly the worst now that Ambra’s been buffed. I’m not asking for 120 hps, I’m asking for 80 because he needs a high hps to make up for the danger you put yourself into when attempting to heal someone.

Ryena’s a shielder and she can heal too, and it allows her to heal herself too. So your argument is invalid. His heals made him a LATE GAME healer which was nice because he could only keep a full tea, sustained if they huddles up on top of him making the entire team vulnerable to aoes. So the healers were completely justified. Seeing any Kleese NOT get the heal chair was almost ludicrous and made him useless, sicne more chair energy meant he had to be on top of his enemies to attack and use that extra energy. Now his heals are barely even useful in anything other than capture. If they wanted to nerf the heals THAT bad they shouldve increased the range he can heal at to make it a viable choice, becuase now with the increase in HP a good Kleese can pretty much decimate an entire team. (I know because I’ve done it multiple times)

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I would also add that people are mentioning his low hp as a reason for him not being in the heat of battle. I found this to be a fairly minor factor, a much bigger factor was his character size, especially on PvE missions his bulk would limit characters being able to maneuver around the battlefield, I have killed more than a few players because I thought I would be helpful and move behind them to heal them, then they decide to retreat only to have their path blocked and wind up dying.

Its a helix for a single person emergency heal, so its an OPTION. Her legendary is another option. Kleese can dish out a lot more HP’s than Reyna’s helix can. Shes a ‘rescuerer’ and her heal fits that role, while kleeses heal option suits his territorial role.
You’re vastly underestimating the support power of his rifts, stop pretending shields dont count as healing when they’re almost effectively the same thing, they can keep people in the fight. This is one helix, its impact is about as good as Helix’s get and probably still the best choice at level 5.