Thoughts on Kleese post patch?

Perhaps they should change 5R helix choice to give +600 hp and revert Kleese to his old base hp and old heal chair. That way those that prefer the new tanky Kleese can have it, and those that prefer support Kleese still have good healing. That also keeps level 5 from being an obvious choice.

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First off, calm down here it’s a discussion you don’t have to make assumptions as to what I know and don’t know. Secondly, I understand that Kleese’s rifts are a big part of his healing, but what you seem to be missing here is that his heals were a very viable choice, with the undocumented nerf to them they’ve effectively made them the worst choice. Especially since his new found health and lvl based shield have turned him into an effective tank. Add the choice for increased taser damage and energy he’s not a floating death chair in the right hands. With such a drastic decrease to his heals they’ve pretty much pushed Kleese into becoming the new ISIC before he was nerfed. Using the rifts as attack posts and shield regens in battle (coupled with his legendary now) he can effectively heal himself keep with shield regening and pretty much shock everything to death. So with such low heals on that choice there’s no reason to try and support the team when all you have to do is support yourself and murder everything in your path.

I’m just saying that at least with the old heals there was a reason for Kleese to sit back and support, now I see no reason to try and heal the team since no one finds the nerfed heals useful and would rather teleport back to based then wait 5 mins to get healed.

Basically LLC has two long range tanks now because effdapolizei and whatnot.


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‘were’ a viable choice? They were the only choice. Now that its been nerfed it might not be a no-brainer, but still totally viable for added healing. One helix to have a mobile Heal Station is still fine, Kelvin gets a similar skill, 7HP per second for nearby allies.
They dont have to TP back, they can keep fighting around rifts, keep shields up until the HP is back.

I feel the Kleese healing nerf came out of nowhere. Anyone who actually played Kleese knows people have to be riding your [you know what] to even get healed. That either meant people run to you like a supply station (which nobody did because unless you are talking on mic they don’t even know when you unlock that helix) OR you have to run to people and they never stay still so you keep running next to them (which is what everyone did). That means you put yourself in harms way since you are such a big target just to try and heal the tank or melee front liner. It was nice to be near the melee as he is running from lane to lane then go back to doing your business. It took but a few seconds to get them max HP then run out. As it should have been

Now it is just too low. I used to play as a healer/support but now with the so low healing I guess i’ll just be a DD/shield person now

If they lowered the healing power they should have at least gave him a wider range to affect people. Like a pretty big upgrade to his rang IMO

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You keep using their class as law, when the whole point of the Augments are to change how the character plays and functions. Knock it off.

I like that he doesn’t die at the drop of a hat.

He can still be easily harassed out of position by a Marquis or Benedict.

I hate that his healing was nerfed. It’s not even 38hp, it’s actually 19hp. The number says 38, but when I heal I see “19” pop up instead of 38. So one of those things is a bug.

The Range on his taser might be in need of a very SLIGHT nerf. (-10%?)

A Kleese that is on the front lines is a Kleese that hasn’t been setting up a Rift network/is not near his rift network, meaning he’s easier to kill. A good Kleese will stay near his network and poke at everything around him. Sadly his support utility took a huge hit with the Heal Chair nerf.

my question is kleese’s legendary special effect is that healing allies restores your shield by 50% of healing done…that makes me wonder at the definition of healing, because wouldn’t nerfing heal chair make his legendary that much less useful as well?

Right like how Bennedict can helix into a healer and boldur helix’s into a sniper and marquis helix’s into a brawler. Your perception is askew because of how overpowered the Helix was, it DID turn him into a Healer in a single helix, now it doesnt, it just helps him be supportive.

omg yes! Lol, sometimes they don’t even notice me shooting them and by the time they do notice they’re already down at 10-20% health and they try to run. Pretty funny to watch and they’re probably all like “wtf…”

I think that was the point. I don’t think GBX intended for Kleese to be a stronger healer than Miko but before the adjustment he was. I think where he is now is closer to where they originally intended him to be.

Here is the thing, it’s not possible for a studio the size of GBX to create a game with 25+ unique characters who are completely different from each other and get that out the door in 3 years and have them be perfectly balanced at launch. The math simply doesn’t work. GBX would have to be at least twice as large or the game’s development would have to take at least twice as long or the games size would have to be at least half of what it is. So we have to accept that with this game things are going to change, and at least w/i its first year, change frequently. Which should be fine by us because Battleborn is a smart game for smart gamers and we as a community will continue to figure out how to kick ass, take names, and simultaneously chew bubble gum :smile_cat:

If Kleese is keeping this health they should at least tone down the taser. It kills way too fast and has way too much range

Dude 38 health regen per second is pretty amazing considering 10 seconds go by and u got 380 half of orendi’s health u get a team with song of vigor on and that destroys I main mellka and orendi and personally I would say as mellka I am probally one of the best but orendi not so much but those two have such a small health pool that if they get health regen, they destroy everything so imagine a team of five people following Klesse around and he has health regen of 80 per second orendi at level one is at full health in 11 seconds and Klesse with the damage out put of a phobe but with range kills everyone with a team of people with full health following right behind him. Oh yeah then imagine a miko behind Klesse healing his health all day so he keeps healing them