Thoughts on Legendary vending machine, or other collection/library system

I know its not traditionally Borderlands, but I think some kind of way to collect Legendaries would greatly improve some of the grind for gear. The bank only gets you so far, having only 50 slots for not just weapons, but class mods, grenades, and shields as well. When you combo this with the fact that those 50 slots are shared between all four characters, and any gear you want to save for or trade to another character has to be stored there, the bank becomes very limiting.

The current system is also not at all satisfying in terms of feeling like the grinding has meaning or a sense of progression. Once you get rid of a Legendary, its lost the RNG void. It’s annoying to find a new Legendary you’ve never seen before, only to have to sell it because it’s a little too under-powered or doesn’t work with the build(s) you’re working towards. This is especially annoying with the regular patches they’re rolling out; kit that’s not great this week could be viable the next (or vice versa) and if you sold it to make room in your bank, you’ve now got to grind it up from scratch.

One thing that I think would help would be a Legendary vending machine. As you find and sell legendaries, they would be added to the vending machine’s rotation, so if you want a specific piece of kit you’ve already found before, you aren’t limited to only grinding for it, you can fish through the vending machine stock for what you want with the elements you want and the Annointed set you want. It would also give currency more value in the endgame once you’ve run out of cosmetics to buy and you’ve got more money than than you know what to do with.

My solution is intentionally somewhat vague. Would it be a full list of every Legendary you’ve found or a limited count like you get with the other vending machines? Would you buy with cash or Eridium? Could the deal of the day be a Legendary you haven’t found yet? Would it have a reset option, so you could pay to sweep the market and get fresh gear if you’re in a hurry? I don’t have good answers to those questions right now.

This solution also has its share of problems. Depending on how the above questions are answered, there could still be a healthy amount of RNG buggery to put up with. It’s also not a particularly fun way to get Legendaries; there’s no meaningful or engaging game-play, just staring at a vending machine till it gives you what you want. That and some might see it as an attempt to copy an aspect of another certain looter-shooter (that’s why I went with a vending machine and not just a library).

This isn’t meant to be an answer, just a discussion-starter and hopefully something Gearbox will look at as a potential to solution to what is not the best endgame grind, which is a shame because this is the first game I’ve played in a long time that is so tremendously fun it makes me really want to dive in deep.

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