Thoughts on Maya Build


I’m a long time Borderlands fan, and have been using this build for a long time. It’s based on something I found on the internet when I started playing Borderlands 2, with a few tweaks. I’m really bad at reading into different skills and such in games overall, so feel free to add any ideas!

I’m playing borderlands mostly by myself, and sometimes with my cousin. So my build is somewhat focused on single player.

So, this is the build:

This is my inventory:


Shield: The Bee
Class Mod: Legendary binder class mod
Grenade: Sticky longbow slag transfusion
Relic: Proficiency relic

Main Weapons:
Skookum Cobra
Infinity Guns
Unkempt Harold
Baby Maker & Heart Breaker, occasionally

The things I like in this build is the sustain of Maya, quite a bit of control handling several enemies, and able to deal huge amounts of damage with the bee and phaselock combined.

Please share your thoughts!

Chain Reaction and Cloud Kill are 2 of her best damage skills, skipping those is questionable. I also don’t get the one point in elated. You would be better off with one in inertia, using that point for CK, One is good for restoration in case you do play co-op like res.


Cloud kill seems to be pretty good while you think about it, but i don’t know, I feel like having a point in elated is a good choice. Considering I have phaselock active pretty much all the time (cooldown reduction and duration makes it possible for maya to have it active 95% of the time) it adds up to the “every little helps” kind of thing I have going.

Ive been using this lately with the Legendary Siren COM

I got tired of watching Phaselock chase Surveyors and decided to try it without Sub-Sequence.
At first it was strange not using Sub-Sequence but I eventually got use to it and prefer not having it now.

Also if you do decide to go with Cloud Kill, you should farm some LLMs for a Corrosive Bone of the Ancients. (best relic for Maya as far as I’m concerned)

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That doesn’t look bad at all, i’ll try it out!

Sub-Sequence is one of my favorite skills, i was thinking something like this, using your skill-tree as a foundation:

(Skipping the 25% crit for Sub-Sequence doesn’t seem to be that big of a drawback, and I couldn’t care less about melee damage)

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@Derch has some fine points… about points. :neutral_face:

Have you played with Thoughtlock? If you like Sub Sequence, you may find it entertaining.

  • Listen to anything Derch says
  • The Cobra is garbage. Try a Snider instead if you want a sniper with splash
  • Cloud Kill is easily the best single point investment you can make
  • Chain reaction > Flicker
  • single point in elated is better spend on restoration or CK
  • Something something the Bee is a crutch something

I promise, my build is the exact same, except I speck the 5 points into chain reaction, instead of immolate, and spec the last point into cloud kill. I only use smgs and the cat mod :slight_smile:

Seems a waste not to put a point into Accelerate as the COM boosts it, unless you’re running e.g. Pimps and you don’t want the buff?

I’m guessing you Co-Op a lot? I run a similar build but solo and take a couple of points out of Sweet Release and Mind’s Eye (as they are boosted anyway) and Elated and put them towards Sustenance and Life Tap. I also take one out of Quicken and put towards Life Tap as with the Leg Siren COM I really don’t notice a difference in Cooldown anyway. I find constant 2% regen from Sustenance is better than a burst of 5% from Elated, but there again you may feel differently if you Co-Op.

Ya I play a ton of co-op. Didn’t take Accelerate because the Bekah and the Twister are my main tools of destruction.

There you go, that’s a solid Leg Binder/Subsequence build… I run pretty much the same thing

The core of both builds are the same, I prefer one in Helios as I don’t think it does much at OP8 and so would rather have a couple more in Flicker, but again, Flicker isn’t that necessary with good gear and Ruin.

I put that odd one into Mind’s Eye because 9/5 Sweet Release is plenty, could probably put a couple more in, plus I can switch to a Leg Siren COM and get a boost to it (not that it matters much). I like having one in Sustenance as I like the passive regen, even though it’s small. I use a Bekah, top tier shotgun (prefer the Hyperions, but the Twister is awesome too), Florentine or Slag pimp, DPUH (FFYL) with a Blockade (though sometimes Antagonist), magic missiles, and matching elemental BOTA.

You just utterly wreck mobbing areas with this setup, clearing at least 2-3 per phaselock on single player.

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Is that like Simon says… :confused:


No, I never trusted that Simon guy, always ordering people around and berating them when they follow orders he didn’t give for semantic reasons … what a douche***