Thoughts on my fl4k build?

i know i use a lot of skills that are considered sub par such as two f4ng, success imminent, only put 3 points into fuzzy math ect but i tried to balance fun skills(i enjoy the idea of two f4ng it just usually doesnt do much) with strong skills like most of the skills i pick up in red/orange

thinking maybe i am going to use the class mod from the last dlc so i can have my bot throwing grenades while my rakk attack also drops grenades so pretty much all the time i will have something exploding

i mostly put one point into self repairing system to get health regen between fights so i start every fight with full health

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Personally I’d take some skills out of the Trapper tree to get Lick the Wounds. Wooly Armor is overkill when you have Fuzzy Math and Combat Veterinarian. Though you’d need to take 5 points out of the Trapper tree to get Lick the Wounds

Two Fang is not terrible, but you need to use the right weapons to make it even remotely worthwhile.


thank you, two fang is hit or miss because my favourite weapons happen to be the flipper and the hellwalker so with one two fang is very strong while with the flipper its minimal difference, lick the wounds is very powerful(saved me so much back in the day during mayhem 10) so its a good idea to pick that up, already put 6 skill points in that tree anyways, i only just started mayhem 10(only met vaughn for the first time so still very early in mayhem 10)

i did remove a few points from success imminent, its helpful to just keep enemies dealing with the effects of radiation however no need to have 5 points in that.

also not sure about lethal force authorised however it is only one point

Two fang adds one pellet per trigger pull, it’s not like bl2 Zero’s, which added another trigger pull entirely. This brings the Hellwalker’s pellet count to 13, not worth the investment.
Maybe the Flipper is the one that gains the most from it since it has unlisted projectiles, but I am unsure if it doubles in efficiency or not.

Two fang is worth the investment if you play with snipers and ARs and certain pistols. Especially Jakobs or Dahl.

Combined with other skills it can help you hit things like a Mac Truck.

Thank you I guess I didn’t know how two fang worked this entire time, just finished Pandora on mayhem 10 honestly not sure which is the strongest not for my build, ion command skill actually passes through objects unlike the war loaders command skill and passively activates but I am not sure which bot does the most damage overall

Sounds like two fang is best for jakobs pistols which I am also usually fond of, but if not I do use a lot of Ar’s

I think when it comes to SI 2 points because that pretty much doubles it’s damage but it’s not worth more than 2 points

Thank you for the feedback

i just tried a mostly blue and purple fl4k with gamma burst and red fang and its so much stronger than the build i am going with here(at least it is for me) which surprises me considering how strong orange is

Hunter isn’t actually that strong. It has a lot of utility with the Hunter Skill effectiveness and Headcount/LNT, but if you look at the overall damage it’s not high.

In a “normal” set up you’d get
30-ish% crit damage
33% gun damage
10-30% elemental damage
30% V2 damage against armored enemies only
39% V1
Two F4NG as a 100% damage increase on single pellet weapons only

It has a little bit of everything, but aside from the V1 most of the bonuses are either conditional or kind of low. For purple builds, which already give up loads of raw damage and have tons of pet damage, Blue tree makes far more sense to deal damage than using Red tree to plug up holes in a damage formula that doesn’t exist anymore.

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thank you honestly i always saw it as the damage dealing skill tree but actually looking through it there is a lot more utility than damage, i used to see green as the more tanky skill tree thanks to abilities such as self repairing system and most of the skills there seem to have a tanky aspect to them so i always associated hunter with damage and stalker with tankiness but skills like turn tail and run do have pretty good damage.

i am trying my hand at different builds, statistically i dont know if they are better but i do like the new loader bots best so currently working on a classic hunter/stalker build with some master skills but with the ion bot, i do find most of the skills in purple fun but just not practical enough

I would avoid the Ion Loader for now. It’s elemental resistance passive is bugged and makes you take more damage (at least when speccing into BY, I still need to check if it does so at base). Loaders also don’t stack Frenzy on their basic attacks, so unless you have a taunt to force enemies to attack them they won’t stack Frenzy at all.

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thank you is that a bug or intended? i cant wait till the loader bots are not bugged because they are my favourite pet currently(though always been a fan of the spiderants so i could always go back to them) , i do like the war loaders attack command best too but it misses too easily while the ion bots attack command passively triggers and can go through obstacles, so maybe that is the better pick when they are not bugged

also i am new here but you easily seem to be the most knowledgable when it comes to pets do you know if the loader bots have different AI? as in the ion bot has a sniper rifle so its AI should be less focused towards getting in the enemies face while the other 2 have shotguns and obviously shotguns at range are not very helpful at least in comparison to a sniper rifle

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It’s a bug. Hopefully it will get fixed soon.

The shock ball isn’t it’s attack command. The Attack Command is supposed to be an incendiary eye laser. Ion is bugged to never use it’s actual attack command, you can tell because the AC icon never goes on cool down.

They’re not significantly different too each other. War and Bull Loader will often engage from the same distance as Ion. They use Hyperion shotguns so the spread is tight even from range, so they don’t need to be as close as Beefcake jabber to do good damage.

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thank you i am not sure how i didnt know about the eye cannon, i cant believe how bugged the entire purple skill tree is at this point, most of it doesnt seem to work as intended, my mistake i just assumed that was the attack command, it clearly says that the attack command is an eye laser so not sure how i missed that part, thank you for the information about the AI, at least with the bull loader its attack command isnt bugged(mostly) and i can use it to bring it closer to enemies but you are right the spread is better

i know you replied to this in a different topic but the main reason why i was going down purple is for the 40% extra reload speed, success imminent which isnt fantastic but its still extra damage and then lethal force authorized(which i know is a pet skill but its just extra damage) and if i got all those skills i can still get enough to get the capstone to hunter and stalker, but you are right those points are better spent elsewhere

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