Thoughts on nerfs, legendaries, and farming

I love the game but i have a couple thoughts that hopefully make it back to gearbox😊. Please stop nerfing guns because people are using them a lot or killing stuff too fast! If it’s not working the way you planned (pipe bomb), that I understand. I also understand you want people using a variety of stuff for different situations, but making all the guns do close to the same damage by raising some and lowering some takes the desire to farm away, not to mention farming a gun and finally getting it only to have the damage dropped by 20 or more percent! Having guns that melt enemies is very important especially when farming bosses. I utilized the badass token glitch to be able to kill hyperious in BL2 before his robots could spawn so it only took about a minute to kill him and it still took me more hours than I’d ever wanna admit to trying for a slag norfleet (probably close to 10 hrs) an hour or two at a time for about a week! Imagine how much time I’d have literally wasted if I had to kill him normal! I’m excited for dedicated loot drops but won’t waste that kind of time again. I’m backlogged enough without spending hours per gun farming , that’s just crazy🤪

I am confused, you both want and don’t want to farm for particular guns?

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Im not going to spend countless hours farming again was the short version of my point. I’ve got kids and a house to take care of. Dedicated drops will help and I’ve heard they’re coming, but even a dedicated loot source won’t get me to continue farming if it takes 5 minutes or more to kill the boss as I pointed out with hyperious when you have to kill him 500 times to finally get that specific gun you wanted. Having powerful guns helps speed up the process a bit. One or two hours I’ll invest the time for a gun, more than that ain’t worth it. Hope that clears up what I meant.

I’m pretty sure you can still melt bosses with the Lyuda, Crossroads, Cutsman, Handsome Jackhammer, any mirv+homing tediore, torgue shotguns+megavore fl4k, Bekah, Linoge, torgue launchers, etc etc. That 20% nerf is like a one-second difference, if that.

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