Thoughts on New action skill effect for amara?

Expedite gives 30% cooldown on each kill to every enemy killed until AS is used, sounds nice but is it worth taking vs the others when we already have so many options for cooldown? plus the 4th tree adds another way to get cooldown just for investing with combo breaker.

Also i see that it is not affected by ascendant in the blue tree and that’s another negative.

Cooldown won’t matter much if the ability has a pitiful range and constantly gets stuck on every random object in its path.
(I don’t mean to pessimistic, but the gameplay I watched REALLY didn’t make this new AS look very good.)

As for cooldown, the ability from the Guardian Rank tree already makes my cooldowns nigh instant so I have next to no need for CD rate.

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most classmods i find for amara have CDR on it :sweat_smile:

kind of a shame they lock her cryo tree behind a DLC though…


Makes me wonder what footage you saw. All I saw was a massive ball of destruction that one-shot basically everything that it touched. Yes it has some pathing issues but the raw dmg of it makes it definitely at least her second bet action skill behind TTB.

And the cooldown skill can be activated with the facepuncher so it’s basically a must. I’m curious if they leave both the action skill and the cooldown skill in their current state.


I never said it didn’t do good damage. The problem is that it’s hard to deal that damage if it can’t hit anything.

It doesn’t matter how strong your gun is if you shoot 5 meters above your target’s head.

I don’t know, most streamers I saw didn’t have much issue using it. Clearly, there is some learning curve involved in how to most effectively direct the ball of destruction, but given it does so much damage and can be redirected several times, that’s a fair trade off.

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I see what you mean but, again, from the footage I saw that thing got stuck a few times while most of the time it obliterated everything it touched without a problem. It’s not like it was only occasionally able to deal damage.