Thoughts on new update for Moze

i understand that the moze nade spam build needed a nerf but this update was a straight up ■■■■ you to moze, pretty much saying that’’ the latest tweaks should make this characters fine for now’’ and well now moze’s only lategame viable build is now a lot less viable. Hell they could of ■■■■■■■ atleast buffed the slightest thing on ironbeard. So now unless you have some amazing bonus stats on your equipment moze ehh

Without a Hex, SoR was already the better build and still viable for TVHM M3.

You do need a shield that is both low delay and fast recharge as well as decent capacity *, in addition to a great variety of guns for the various modes. You can get shield recharge and shield delay modifiers on mods and artifacts

  • Although with potentially less kill stealing from grenade spammers, we may be able to rely on and spec into Phalanx Doctrine kill skill, which if played successfully means less and less worry over time about getting one shot - so you’ll just need fast recharge and low delay

This is an example of an overreaction.

Moze is still the best VH in the game post hotfix. Bloodletter, Blast Master, and Mine sweeper are all still top tier.

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You still can play the grenade build and you still will be invincible. Just be a bit more cautious with your grenade spam and use your gun for a change. For bosses the grenade build never was the best moze has to offer.


best is a hard exagerration

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The main problem I have with the change is that it didn’t actually fix what they were trying to. You still have infinite grenades post hot fix, what you don’t have is infinite ammo. Which seems like an unintended side effect to the change, that also works out to be a bigger nerf for the spec than the grenade fix. A lot of the builds were running Blastmaster for a higher dps option over Bloodletter while also running the Flakker. You fell into a cadence of chucking a few grenades while your ammo regened then fireing off a few flakker rounds and it allowed you to get that Blastmaster buff up pretty quick. Now it takes a minimum of 10 seconds to get 5 rounds of Flakker ammo, which means you will be spamming grenades even more than before. If it’s intended I guess they want us going deeper into Bottemless Mags with a Demo Woman build rather than the current meta of SoR. Who knows. It will need more testing I guess.

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I mean you could also play Moze … see for yourself … and then do a forum post… but hey!

The BEST…change my mind

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They only added a retrigger cooldown for the grenade portion of the skill. The ammunition regain still can trigger all the time. You can throw less grenades tho, which obviously does have an impact on the regain.

Unless they’ve changed the hotfix since its release this isn’t the case though. Doing the same Truant runs i’ve been doing I can now run out of Flakker ammo where that was impossible before. It takes a full 10 seconds to get 5 rounds of Flakker ammo( or it did last night).

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No they actually messed up or have the wrong patch notes the ammo portion now also has a 2 sec retrigger despite what the notes says.

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U farming traunt?