Thoughts on Oscar Mike?

He’s pretty op, the size of the god damn napalm aoe is insane for the amount of dmg it does and the amount of dmg on his auto rifle is a bit insane since it’s fully automatic.

I have been absolutely decimated by his basic AA now and then.

That thing is basically a walking ultimate with the proper gear activated.

Personally I think between his AA and his Ult he’s a little too derp proof on damage potential.

I’ve mentioned this several times coming from someone who mains Oscar mike. His potential is insane… perhaps too insane. Like for example mixing his ability to stealth, get 30% move speed while stealth and then activate his ultimate while stealthed and either have him follow him around stealth bombing people while they can barely see you or just slowing or orbital striking them IS insanely… non-competitive?
We’re not even mentioning how strong he is without all those, like his huge ability to push and defend against waves, extremely strong at getting camps, PvE, and other things like excelling at roles better than those who are in them but he isn’t but i suppose thats what versatile stands for. he can skirmish, snipe, assassin, zone/territorial/controller, combat, brawl, initiate, agile, adorable, resucer, pretty much everything except shielder.

Oscar Mike is like miko, montana, or rath, performs their function well and is perfectly balanced. The only problem I have is it seems like his helix choices aren’t balanced well with each other. I see oscar mikes all the time but have never seen the mirv style grenade as opposed to the fire one.

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He’s my main so I think he is great. Also did you notice there are character and faction specific forums on this site? You can find a lot more discussion there!

It’s just his grenade I have a problem with it does a lot of damage in a instant plus DoT. He is Ambra worst nightmare she can’t touch him at all when he cloaks would use that minor nova fireball thing she has but it sucks on pvp.

One of my favorite things to do early game and stealth, run up to his sniper perch, and gun him down. When he runs, you finish him off with your nade.

And for me, the scope adds a lot more damage increase for me. with the laser sight, you have to be pretty short to mid range. Which the scope, I can keep cutting down people who try to peel off when they’re low on health. It just has much more range and deals more damage at those ranges than even if you had them perfectly in your sights with the laser.

Anyways, as far as OM goes, his abilities are for pushing lane or cloaking to keep himself alive (whether or not you choose move speed or immediate fast shield regen) and his weapon is great for focusing down single enemies, like major minions, thrall, and players. His nade can be either for pushing or outright finishing weak foes. You know, 30% and below range.