Thoughts on private servers? @Devs

My group of friends all own this game and enjoy it. The problem is, we are all Australian and we don’t have a server here anymore. Just over half of us are on yellow ping, the rest on red for the “optimal” server.
On ranged characters and specifically projectile based characters, it is possible to reliably learn to compensate for the delay. I call id delay because it is stable and predictable to an extent. But even so, some characters are outright unplayable for us, particularly melee and Benedict. The delay makes it impossible to play effectively and really hurts the fun.
Now to my point. Can we have a feature implemented so we can host our own server to play on? Having green ping again would be amazing, and the matchmaking outright doesn’t work for us. We organize our own games or we don’t play.
The simplest way I can think of implementing this is allowing people to run a dedicated server for the match itself. It would still contact the primary servers to acquire the users data, then during the game creation screen, being able to pick said dedicated server. The server would then host that game, and at the end, redirect everyone to the primary servers again.
If that is not an option, is it ok to write a program to crack the game or inject code to make it connect to a local server? Would it result in potential bans or legal trouble? And would it even be possible without having the software running on the official servers?
I get that Australia has a small player base, for every game ever, but it’s pretty tiring having to play with red ping or not play at all.

TL;DR, Please let us host our own local servers so we can experience green ping again, just like in the old days.


I’m sorry to hear you guys go through this. I have two friends in Mexico playing Battleborn and they end up getting disconnected once in a while without warning. I see them with full green bars but then I see small signs of lag at their end.