Thoughts on PVP Pre / Post Winter Update

Just want to throw up some musings based on my experiences with PVP pre and post Winter Update.

Remember, please, that I always roll 5 deep and don’t solo queue anymore, so my observations are somewhat skewed.

Pre a Winter Update:

No Bots Battle (people who got frustrated with the skill level of regular PVP had nothing to fall back on)

LOTS more lower level players out and about, from a wide array of ranges 1-105 (this gave me real good as it seemed like there were always new players joint and staying to level up and improve)

6 or 7 out of every 10 matches seemed like it would be against much lower level people. Bad for them and also bad for us as we wanted a proper challenge (most times anyway LOL)

Post Winter Update

Bots battle allows people a buffer zone from regular PVP
The majority of matches now are against very skilled and competitive players
People who had been at 105 are coming back to get to 150 and / or get their favourite characters up to 20
Matches against lower leveled players are rare and, when you find them, they are commonly EITHER very good for their Command Rank or a couple low levels get thrown in with 3 105 pluses and end up being the downfall for their team

Will non not PVP become more welcoming to soloers and less skilled players after a lot of the people who came back just to get to 150 leave?

WILL those people leave?

Thanks in advance.

Wish I could play more Versus against people but my Lag since the update started off good but lately I’m getting too much lag against people that it’s become a frustrating battle of me wondering were I’m teleporting next or even trying to get an ability to go off. Just last night I got off since I couldn’t even heal myself as Alani.

To be honest, I am more disappointed with the game post winter update.

The extra command ranks and character levels are nice, but once you hit the new max, the same problem is going to persist. Why not just have a commander loot pack for every time you hit a milestone with a character. Win 10 matches with a character, get a loot pack, at, 25, at 50, at 100, at 250, reset? Get an uncommon at 10 wins, rare at 25, epic at 50, and every 100, you get a legendary.

I think Meltdown Finale is trash. It was the best mode and now it is a quick meltdown match followed by a team death match.

As someone who preferred the PvP aspect, I was always looking forward to getting a good team to go up against, and so I was very excited to try out the draft mode. It didn’t take a ton of matches to see how truly unbalanced this game is. Depending on the mode or map, some characters are auto bans, some characters are auto bans in general. In a game with 30 characters, there should never be an auto ban. Every character should have a counter and should be viable in each mode. Some modes may be harder than others for some characters, but there shouldn’t any that are considered a must ban.
Also, this has less to do with the winter update, but if the game was really balanced, why did gbx limit the item pool so much in the tournament next month? They know the game isn’t balanced and it won’t be until they figure out what roles certain characters are supposed to play and forget the idea that all characters need to be lethal.

Bots battle as it stands is terrible. It doesn’t set you up well for actual PvP and encourages bad habits. What it does is allow an easy place to farm quests, lores, and challenges. IMO, it just split the queue more and hasn’t helped.

I have been playing for a long time and have been waiting for gbx to fix some of the issues that I see are hurting the game. Considering how much time and effort they put into the winter update and not addressing the issues I see are the problem, I am less and less excited to play this game. I have a sneaking suspicion that battleborn has been kept on life support by the players who are the completionists. The players who want to max out all the characters, who want all the titles, who want to get all the challenges. The winter update is great to get those people playing again and to continue playing. I am not one of those players and have been playing a lot less since the first weekend of the winter update.


Meltdown Finale has pushed me away from PVE. As well as another change

That describes every match that I have had since the update.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Why PvE in particular Epic?


Could you elaborate?


In every game I’m a completionist/stats guy, more or less (You know the game Gothic 1/2? Yeah, well, everytime I replayed it I always had to collect every single flower, every single item, complete every single quest or open every single chest…).

While playing Battleborn I always worked on the titles. And I wanted them to mean something, but since they introduced the bots battle, all the titles seem “meh”, there is no joy in acquiring them the legit (pvp) way, because someone new, who played the game here and there - can get all these hard pvp titles ez pz via bots battle in a day or two.

-50% of fun playing Battleborn for me, just like that.

+The largest killing spree stats are f-up now too.

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Here’s my Post Winter Update opinion;

You come into my house!

This is just me but I hated old Meltdown with a passion. I considered it the worst mode, even more so than capture. My buddies on X1 disliked it too. Incursion is way better since the minion nerfs but I’ll agree the new ones bad.

I proofread that and changed it from PVP. I thought that made no sense as its impossible to play finale in PVP. I don’t know where my mind went. Probabaly Canada. Can’t blame it

I’ve put down battleborn mainly because of this, running private story on split screen using “optimal data center” had my wife’s orendi nullify doing nothing and when I threw shayne’s boomerangs at enemies they’d float by my ear…


Weird thing is, I’ve seen things like this happen on a supposedly “green” bar connection too. Jumping up but instantly teleporting down, (falling down several times, on occasion) Nullify not working - hits/skills not registering or even going off at all and so on. I’ve also noticed that Beatrix will occasionally double shot when zoomed in. Not sure if it happens with Marquis too since I hardly play him, but I assume this is connected to lag too? “Teleporting” also happens sometimes.

Intense lag spikes even on “good” connections? Some are also caused by individual bugs or weird problems with terrain. Either way, the game can feel laggy/unresponsive even on a good connection :confused: Red/yellow bar just exasperates it.


Same here, It took me 8 secs to get a heal off with Alani last night, My bar only went red once but it displayed green for the most part, not sure what happened as the first week after the patch it was glorious and i didn’t have this problem, I am currently staying away from PVP and OPS missions, I died way too many times in PVP because my character would get stuck teleporting in a certain area making myself an easy target with a 3-7 sec delay on my abilities, In Ops missions i keep dying off ledges as when I go anywhere near them as the game teleports me off.

This makes me question if others are having the same problem as I’ve seen good players on the opposite team doing really well in the first quarter of the match to them going into this zombie kind of state in battles that makes them easy targets.

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You’re not the only one, my examples were on a green bar connection

Bittersweet to know I’m not the only one, Hope this gets resolved.


99% of the Oceania playerbase quit because of bad server connections.

Where are you from?

If you’re outside of NA or Europe you may find that geographically the game is unviable for you.

Edit: Re hope for a resolution don’t hold your breath. The Australian server issues thread is one of the biggest on these boards and is still collecting data dust.


@FlamesForAll You mentioned this in the Forum Folks chat earlier today.

Who will stick around and keep playing Battleborn as much?

I am a completionist.

I will reach 150.

I will get everyone to 20.

I will platinum the game. (Closing in on that btw, if anyone wants to help with a few Story missions…)

I will get everyone costume and taunt that doesn’t cost platinum.

I will get…most of the titles. I simply don’t play enough to get Medicinal or AoD. I haven’t gotten lucky enough to find 5 people in one spot begging to die to get a Pentakill.

Then, I’ll likely only get on to play with @hobbitwarrior and a few friends I’ve made along the way and have yet to.

There are too many games to enjoy, too many other hobbies to pursue and real life, that will get in the way.

With luck updates will keep me coming back, but my attention to Battleborn will wane. That is life.

I like the game better post update…well not Meltdown…but whatever.


Ok, so after having just finished an 8 hour session with my buds @handsomecam @beatrix @codarik @ancientbelgareth and @SirWalrusCrow , I have to say, with Incursion being seperate from Quick Match again, I noticed these things:

The “sweaties” and “non sweaties” seemed pretty evenly divided betwen the two queues.

There was as wide a range of Command Ranks and skill levels in both queues; we ran into the lowest of the low in Quick Match, (almost) the highest of the high on Incursion, vice versa and everything in between. Once or twice in both queues we had to “escape” into the other one after running into the same uber-coordinated stomp teams (and we ain’t no slumps, we just enjoy a more chill and less intense gaming session) two or three times in a row.

Wait times WERE a bit longer at times due to there currently being 4 queues active (QM, Incursion, Bots & Solo), but never more than a few minutes.

This seems much more like the way things used to be, as much as I did enjoy the ridiculous speed of all queues in one!


Agreed. Slightly shorter wait times are no excuse for putting Incursion (home of the pub-stomp burger) in quick match, where the tryhards will suck new players into a losing battle on Incursion 90% of the time. It was nice to remember that there are OTHER game modes today…

Please, Gearbox, consider leaving Incursion and Quick Match in separate queues from now on.