Thoughts on Tank Yankers

Fast paced and sometimes frustrating but fun overall. What do you like about? Side note I wish this gamemode was called Tank Wankers.


I really like the mode, but there also are a couple of things they can do to make it a bit better. I kinda don’t like how you can screw over your teammates and push them off with shard barrels, and I can definitely see people taking advantage of that to troll and such. It makes the mode a bit more chaotic, but I feel like you should only be able to knock yourself or enemies off if you blew up the barrel.
I haven’t played shayne yet, but I can see playing her being super problematic if they haven’t fixed the pull yet, so I’m really hoping something was done about that.
It’s also worth noting that quick melees still do damage and can potentially kill. I’m not sure if it was intentional, but it does kinda go against the theme of the mode.
Other than these small problems though, the mode is an absolute blast, and I’ve heavily enjoyed it so far. The new map is pretty cool, and I do like that the shard barrels are there as an extra way to knock people off.

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I’ve been waiting in queue for 2 hours for a single match so I cant tell you yet…

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Ah, that sucks. Now I feel kinda bad about being able to enjoy my 5-10 min queue times while (I’m gonna assume Pc?) suffers. Hope you get to try it soon enough.

It’s a ton of fun.

You come back in like 5 seconds, so trolling shouldn’t be an issue. I think it’s more meant to mess with your friends.

I feel like that was intentional. A way to kill other than the pull is fun, quick melee takes forever to kill anyways, your push/pull should be ready before you die from quick melee.

As for OP, it’s really fun but I think the biggest problem is Shaurox. Shaurox doesn’t have the right helix choices. They took fetch cooldown instead of fetch speed when they could have just reduced its cooldown in the first place. There’s also Immortal Aegis over the Fleet Footed passive duration at level 5, which doesn’t make sense IMO - more movespeed would be more fun, and you don’t need the shield thing anyways since shield recharge won’t save you from a fall. It might help with quick melee fights, but why not just pull them off a ledge or something?


Just finished playing a few rounds of it and it’s silly, chaotic and I like it. :smiley:
Don’t want to spend the whole weekend playing it, but don’t regret trying it out today.

Well, I learned a strategy with Ghalt the hard way. I think enemy Ghalt had it out for me because I was also Ghalt.

But that’s okay, but I got the ultimate comeback: I pulled him with me when he smacked me off a ledge. :smiling_imp:

Observation: Aaaaand… nobody’s trying to take the point. Typical. It’s like playing Overwatch/Paladins all over again.

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Oh, I should note that silly little breaks from the norm like this are nice (similar to Smite’s “Match of the Day” and what used to be Overwatch’s “Weekly Brawl/Brawl Playlist”). I’d like to see more of these please. :slight_smile:


Oh yeah, during a match against Phoenix and Co. today I hooked in Ridiculous at the same time he hooked me. It was love at first pull. We had an epic bromance chestbump before getting incinerated.


I’ve seen some people have TOO MUCH FUN with this mode. TOO MUCH FUN. Surely that can’t be allowed.

I said I’d report them to GBX. so yeah.
@Jythri @JoeKGBX consider them reported.


I hope we keep getting this mode in various ways until it’s a perfected permanent game type.

Maybe test out different levels of primary attack damage?


Missed the jump from the spawn point to the main area 3 times consecutively. 10/10 would play again.


You lose all shards collected upon death. The only way to get shards is a shard generator. So if you want to bring along the UPR Wolfskin gear, you’d have to wait 11 minutes and not die in those minutes.

In other words, bring 0 cost movespeed, sprintspeed, and some form of attack damage or attack speed for quick melee combat.



Congrats, gearbox!

Although, to be fair, a team of skilled, coordinated Ghalts with a Montana or two RULES this mode!

I honestly think Ghalt is the best character here but that’s a discussion for tomorrow



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Does this feel really American gladiatorsy to anyone? Imagine a weekend of this, face-off, and supercharge, with Mario Kart esque scoring.

That was my first Tank Yankers game. It was crazy. :joy:

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I had no idea we faced you, what’s your PSN?