Thoughts on the 10/17 Gun Nerfs/Buffs

The patch notes have been released for the hotfix today. Pretty much every good legendary got nerfed in a pretty significant way. The link is below to the specifics. How do you guys think this will affect FL4K builds?

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Not much, Fl4k has so many amazing guns to use.

Also pets got a buff to the health so that should help a lot

The maggie got stronger and that could be an amazing gun on flak

CC getting a buff is good, there is synergy potential there

The hellwalker nerf is so small you won’t feel it

I think as much as some things went down, others have big potential

But also Rowens Call, Bekah, Unforgiven, so many guns I love on flak didn’t get touched.

I’m happy overall.

I’m working on a bulid and this just made it better.


My whole load out got nerfed. The pet buffs seem good, but I feel will be very insignificant.


They made the flakker use ~16 ammo per shot and reduced it’s damage? That’s idiotic

70% damage and a duration nerf on the hex, i didn’t use it much, but that’s a really harsh nerf


Zane’s whole cryo kit was nerfed unfortunately. They inadvertently nerfed all of the best cryo guns in the game. If Zane benefited off of hitting frozen enemies damage wise that would be great and would instantly buff at least his cryo build.

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Doesnt bother me, i didnt use any of those guns on my crit Fl4k anyways

They still didn’t address nerfing fadeaway to 5 seconds when they clearly stated in the patch notes that it was going to be 6 seconds.
Dominance is still a useless capstone compared to the other two. And there’s no reason to choose it even if you go all the way down the blue tree.


Should definitely reduce the ammo in the clip for the Flakker so it doesnt eat through your entire ammo supply in a couple of shots (since shooting it now consumes the whole clip).

I get that they wanted to bring down the power from this monster of a gun, but burning through all of my ammo in a couple of shots is a bit absurd. Maybe put a bit more thought and some legitimate play testing into some of these over-the-top nerfs…


This is what i was afraid of with their nerf everything mentality
A 70% nerf on the hex and firestorm

Might as well delete them from the game


(As of right now on ps4) The flakker mag size is 1, still uses 5 ammo per shot. I’m on mayhem2 with fairly neutral modifiers(assuming flakker is normal damage) and I’m certainly feeling the damage loss.

Pets health isn’t the issue… They don’t do damage. My pet is only there to proc annointment lifesteal at this point. They have nerfed FL4K’s crit build but not buffed any of their other builds. I WANT to use pets but they are in no way a realistic use.

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One I don’t understand was the butcher. It goes through ammo so quick. It did not need the damage reduction. So now you need to reload and use a total 1.5 clips to kill. Not fun.


It’s part of it, I like to use them to pull agro and keep enemies at range so I can get splits with guns like the bekah and sawbar.

I have many ways of using the pets and not just damage, Fl4k does a ton of damage on his own so I like the agro pull and the crowd management of them. If they are dead I miss them more for that than the damage.


Pet builds can be good, but you need to work really hard in all of the trees, and generally rely on gear.

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Agreed, I felt the butcher was honestly kind of weeknight for mobbing… and not even too amazing against bosses. 25% is alot

The nerf to the Cutsman was needed imho.

I used one that was 10 levels below Agonizer 9000 last night and it demolished the armor on it in two clips with my level 35 melee Amara. Now it’ll take 3 clips to do the same thing.

On my Fl4k, I have an electric cutsman that trivializes any Shielded mobs, then makes their head explode. However, I don’t see that nerf as being felt really at all after skills and multipliers get added on. It basically means I add one more shot to my burst.

I don’t have any of the other guns on the list, so it’s not really going to impact me but I’d say that if you think you’re build is useless or completely destroyed because of changes to a weapon, then it’s probably not the weapon that’s to blame.

It just makes me think of the whole DPUH scenarios back in bl2. Everyone I knew would farm for the perfect DPUH to trivialize Terramorpheous or whatever instead of actually play the game. It made the game an endless grind for torgue tokens at the crater.

Which was boring and sucked.

As a Mechromancer main I would just let Deathtrap do it for me while I read a book. Then when I had a crapload of tokens reload the Torgue Vending Machine over and over to get the right DPUH.

It wasn’t fun for me and I don’t want to see this game get in the same spot. I’d rather play through it, even with the sometimes silly stuff, than grind.

Take my opinion with a grain of salt or gunpowder, it’s your choice, and my choice is a Jakob’s!

Seriously, I got a masher last night that anointed for bonus radiation dmg, it is amazing.


So I’d be fine with any change they wanted to make if they would just expand the darn bank capacity. At its current capacity, you can’t hold onto that many weapons and their variations, so naturally, you are going to only hold onto the strongest weapons for the optimal builds. Once the nerfs come, your stash becomes useless. If you can hold onto more items, you can adjust your builds more easily as patches come. I’d prefer not to have to farm for weapons I have already crossed paths with that all of a sudden become viable. At this rate, there’s no point in me continuing to farm knowing that what I have today could become useless tomorrow until the dust settles.


Cutsman made me sad for the same reason, I had a level 24 incendiary that I used all the way to 38 with little notice of damage dropoff.

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I haven’t found the pets to be very useful at all without a certain specific load out. Which, given the awful drop rates, is pretty hard to come by. But glad to see someone have success.


The bekah is one of my favorite guns but to get full potential you need the split to happen.

When it does it puts in so many crits your action skill cooldown can be so fast and enemies just fall over, its one of fl4k’s best guns.

The pets help keep that distance, and by speccing into who saved who I was able to keep my pet alive pretty well, now that should be easier with 50% more health.