Thoughts On The Current State Of PVP By An Old Vet

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So, as anyone who knows me well (or even just is nice enough to read my posts / topics on these forums) is aware, I have a deep case of the feels over this situation.

Let’s go waaaaaay back to when I first fell in love with Battleborn, the open beta and then release a few weeks later.

Even though I was lucky enough to have 3-4 regular friends (we all bought mics specifically to coordinate in Battleborn), my team and I still got stomped A LOT. Me especially as I hadn’t SERIOUSLY played pure PVP game since Demon’s Souls, and, to a lesser extent, some PVP in all the SoulsBorne titles that followed.

So I got decimated, crushed, and taunted a LOT. It was frustrating as hell, but Battleborn had its hooks into me and I swore to myself that I would do whatever it took, however long it took, to put myself on the other end of that equation.

Then, 3 or so months in, most of those guys in my original crew moved on to Overwatch or games like Paragon and the like, so I started solo queueing mostly. I would choose one character and try to play almost exclusively as them until I had that character mastered, lore and level wise.

It was during this time that I started sending out friend requests to every good player I came across who was good and not an a*shole. I also started posting heavily in the Battleborn sections of these forums then and making connections with people on here.

Those few months were a golden age of Battleborn PVP. Large player base still, less anger / cynicism / jaded-ness / hostility / trolling, waaaaaay fewer disconnects and surrenders, lots of honourable, non-douchey premades, etc.

As time went on, though, solo queueing became nightmarish. A good chunk of the honourable, non-troll, core “competitive” players had abandoned Battleborn, gank squads were rampant, and solo players of ANY Command Rank and skill level were having a really rough time of it.

Solo queueing started feeling like bashing your head against a wall.

So I formed a PSN chat with 50 or so of the nicest, most knowledgeable, helpful and skilled people from these Forums which quickly blossomed into a completely full chat (100 people) as well as a Battleborn PSN community I made for the overflow.

I started rolling with a full squad every time I played and the experience was like night and day.

I still had TONS of improving to do, but the skill and dedication and knowledge and KINDNESS of my newfound team mates elevated my game, finally put me on the WINNING end of the equation, and made Battleborn PVP into the best gaming experience I had ever had.

Now, almost a year later, I’m pushing 1100 total hours in Battleborn (98 percent of that in PVP, have still only ever done one Bots Battle and just enough PVE for the Platinum trophy requirements, lore grinding, and to try out the Ops missions), almost 4000 matches played, all major PVP titles except 4 (BADA BADA BOOM, Three Sum [one triple away!], Fours Sensitive, and Pentastrike), have all characters lore mastered and 20 of 30 characters at level 20.

I NEVER taunt, do not send hate mail, and do not trash talk.


I HAVE picked up some bad habits after spending hundreds of hours training myself to secure kills and play offensively, rather than building everything and playing almost purely supports as I used to.

Depending on who I’m playing with and what mood we are in (and how much I’ve had to drink LOL), I will slaughter low levels without mercy, kill farm, etc.

The very behaviour that I KNOW drives people away or frustrates them into rage quitting.

I mean, the people getting stomped don’t know that my friends and I aren’t a*sholes, that we are not trash talking them as we kill them or laughing at their deaths.

Generally, against lower level people, we are usually only half paying attention to the match and we are just talking and laughing it up on mic about life and whatnot as good friends do, mostly just playing on autopilot until we are blessed enough to find a match against players of equal or greater skill levels that will require our full intensity and concentration. The idle chatter essentially STOPS in those matches and when we speak, it’s to coordinate our efforts.

And we all, as good as we are, still get absolutely STOMPED not a LOT, but more frequently than people probably assume.

There are players out there with levels of skill that I will NEVER reach even after 1 or 2 thousand more hours of Battleborn.

I am honoured to know most of them on a personal level, and I have PLAYED against all of the ones I don’t know personally frequently over the last year.

Most of these people are solid gold, just super nice, knowledgeable and helpful.

Some of them have become somewhat exclusive-ist, but, that is only because they are in a realm of skill most of us can only dream of.

All this is not to say that Battleborn does not have more than its fair share of a*sholes and trolls, pieces of human refuse that taunt every kill, trash talk, send abusive post match hate mail, etc.

These people are actively reviled by most of the community.


To less experienced / lower level / newer / more casual players, unless some troll scum actively targets / taunts them and / or sends them abusive messages after or during the game, these people have no way of knowing whether they are getting BRUTALLY THRASHED AND DESTROYED by a team of angels with hearts of gold who just happen to be really good at Battleborn, or by people who just want to cruelly dominate everyone they come up against.

To these people on the losing end of the equation, all that they know and remember and take away from the experience is that they just got beaten.


It was very eye opening playing with my trusted old friend and Battleborn mad tinkerer / Sensei @loving-hatred today, for the first time in a LONG time, as he kept us honest and actively prevented us from slipping into kill farming / match extending habits that I don’t think we even consciously realize we are doing most times, a lot of us just kind of do it automatically by now as we are somewhat always trying to pad our total career numbers or improve our Kills / Deaths / Assist ratios.

Now, we DO try to check opponent levels before every match, and, if we see they are low (we seem to define “low” now as any Command Rank between 2 and 99 LOL), we WILL choose characters we are less experienced with and / or jokey gear, BUT, there aren’t many characters we can’t do serious damage with.

Now, the crux of the matter - it took me a LONG time to get as skilled and able to secure kills as I have become.

A f*cking long, frustratingly tedious occasionally, time.

I have EARNED, the hard, legit way, my titles and achievements and skill level.

I ENJOY playing at this level of skill and, aside from the measures we take against lower levels that I previously mentioned, I am NOT going to dumb my skill levels down for anyone.

Like me, if people really love this game and want to improve, they will take their lumps and put in whatever time and effort to achieve the skill levels that myself and my team mates have.

So…long story short…am I being harmful to the community?

I like to think that the community advancement I’ve achieved with my PSN chat / community MORE than makes up for my occasional slaughter fests.

But I still get the feels about it.


Tagging @SirWalrusCrow @beatrix @codarik @Master_Oddjob @deande @handsomecam @ancientbelgareth @hobbitwarrior @Phoenix-2613 as I am curious as to their thoughts on this matter.

Thanks for reading my novel!



Is this a déjà vu??


Sorry spent too long on it for it to get buried.

Plus, im an attention wh*re LOL.



As long as you ask iourself this question you still have my respect @FlamesForAll the first gravity rumble match I went as mellka against a new team and was running 6-1 with almost 7 minutes on the clock on faceoff(the death was I didn’t account for low gravity and drifted off the map)…I was on autopilot and destroying people and had to hard check myself because that was The very thing that annoyed me about faceoff(encouraging stomping and hunting players rather than objectives), I noticed I was the only one turning in masks at that point and ended up ending the match fairly quickly

So rambling answer, but long story short you’re still good, every now and then a course adjustment is needed either from you realizing what you’re doing or someone else(like me) pointing it out. Yes people who are committed to battleborn specifically will take their lumps, but that’s speaking from the perspective of people hooked into it so deeply,

And perhaps one way to look at it is instead of viewing it as “dumbing down skills” of course you use your skills. Just challenge yourself to pick your targets more accurately.

When my dad taught me billiards and I got passable at it he made me play “bank-8” which is EVERY shot had to be a combo or a bank shot. So now when I play people who are inexperienced I play bank-8 while they play regular 8(8 referring to 8-ball)

Or another perspective is you can practice your placement mr charging into battle Ernest!(playing a character like that against new people is where I got to practice how I placed my Kleese for example, or testing bouncy mortar angles for those game changing shots)

I’ll add some more thoughts to this as I occur to me but overall you’re doing just fine, you just haven’t seen from the outside perspective very much


Lol I’ve gotten a LOT better at not charging in but the BLOODTHIRST STILL RUNS HOT IN ME!



Eh. I know what your saying. I know what you mean. Decided to solo que a bit today. Found a match of faceoff with my team everyone 100+ and everyone on the other team were lower levels. Most pre 40. I didn’t actually realize until about 3 minutes in when I had about 6 kills already that they were all low levels. I spent the rest of the match collecting masks to turn in, while the rest of my team went into slaughter mode, refusing to play objective, and just chasing kills. I ended up getting about 5 more kills through the match cause someone would bug me while I was killing varelsi, but I never chased them after that point. the end of the match I turned in about 340 masks by myself.
A deande was on my team was actually spamming quick melee on me when I was turning in the last 100 or so masks as if to say, “no stop I want to farm more kills.” They were holding about 70 masks that they had been carrying around for a while, so that’s roughly what I thought they were saying.

Sometimes I think about the only thing you can do in those situations is to play straight objective. If someone bothers you while you are doing that, then you can only defend yourself. If they don’t have the sense to run, then what can you do.

Sometimes you just can’t help low levels/people that don’t have much skill/idiots. Had a Pendles on the other team at one point that kept trying to kill a full health/full shield kleese that was in his rifts. Repeatedly. Died every time, but didn’t have the sense to try something different. You literally can’t do anything for those people. I have found that they are the types of people that get offended if you try to give them a few tips as well.

Once someone gets good at the game, you can’t really turn it off. You can try to pick different characters, bad loadouts/no gear, not chase people, but you can’t turn off your own skill and knowledge about the game. Short of taking a break for a few months anyway, but who wants to do that? Not me.


As the Spymistress, and your friend, I feel obligated to indulge myself in your passage

And I have to say. …

Uhhmmm what?


Off topic: i ■■■■■■■ loved the matches we had in rumble i swear i had so much fun!! I love you in my team but i love you more in the enemy team! You are hard to kill and that makes me a better player plz dont get me wrong, this is a compliment!!

Is hard to try to not kill noobs when you are attikus with 200+ mask and the enemy start to hunt.

I was in my own busines trying to collect 300 mask(a way to enjoy myself instead of hunt players) and got chased by 4 noobs… I was lvl 10 they were lvl 4-6, how could i end the match if they didnt let me. It was a nightmare to try to deposit without a kill.


What do you mean @deande ?

“Um what” what?



Really appreciate you saying that!

Play the geezer against new players, he can play drawn out matches(if your team is so inclined) without being obnoxious(unless you make him so)

And he can drill patience into your head all over again(don’t use his taser at all for extra challenge)

But seriously, against new players I actually advocate playing the best “back to basics” strategies you can use, Not the Super intricate stuff for the most part, but the things that can be mimicked readily enough(even by allies if you solo que, lord knows I picked up a lot from @AncientBelgareth about thorn when we played together.) I play a fairly basic Kleese loadout even with a legendary skill damage item(shard gen/shield/skill damage) so it can be adapted if they decide to learn Kleese then they can take what I do to give a solid footing of the character


Oh I remember them well. The first you were alani, and by the end of the match I just kind of ran over everyone on your team, but the next time you were marquis, God that was frustrating, but oh so fun. I had to keep telling myself not to jump around, cause you could actually aim. I enjoyed that one thoroughly, even though I got my ass handed to me, because I actually had be extra cautious that time. I couldn’t just jump out of everyone’s range.


I only kill the low-level pukes that call me “cute” or “adorable”…

Okay, that was a lie… I kill the pukes who i THINK call me “cute” or “adorable”…

Turns out i’m deeply paranoid, and think that EVERYONE calls me “cute” or “adorable”; including my assh*le teammates!



Can WE help that YOU are so darn adorable and cute, you totes adorbs cutie TOby?


Oh we would never do that to you Toby. You mean to much to us to make fun of you like that. I mean just think how many people enjoy your company. Especially when you visit the sick bay. To chear everyone up. With. Your. Cuteness… ‘_’


By the way, had a great experience just now playing with @Lemur for the first time!

Fun session, even if those last 2 matches were pretty rough and our session ended in a team DC.

@ancientbelgareth @codarik


You know why the match dc’ed don’t you? It’s because the servers got distracted by something else. Something Small. Dare I say cute. Most defiantly adorable. @HandsomeCam


Like i said: Assh*le teammates… :rage:



You’re so cute and adorable when you’re mad, little buddy!




Cute hiccup.