Thoughts on their season pass 2?

personally its a big im out on that and wont spend the money on it
it wont rly do anything exept provide skilltrees ( what we kinda needed since the reworks wont come as far as we know, i mean they just buff stuff nobody will use as seen on zane)
and endgame content everybody wanted for ALL dlcs like proving grounds circles, or well mayhem 1.0-2.0

the second dlc whatever that will be sounds like its gonna be also some meta game mode
i assume this because the arms race is motivated by stuff like fortnite, pupg, CoD to try and get new customers into the base

so if you like borderlands they dont even aim at you anymore as far as it sounds and as they seem to say
speak it says no story content, isnt for ppl who like the characters but the above mentioned games.

might be just me here, but rly im not seeing how this dlc pass is trying to redem the game anymore, rather it feels like they gave up on the ppl who are here for a GOOD borderlands experience


There is just Not much value in the season pass for me honestly don’t care for the new game mode espically with the problems of the current game mode. Also I really don’t care for the new skill trees for me personally it just doesn’t get me hyped or excited like a new vault hunter. If we had a new vault hunter I would push aside my dislike for the game and buy it immediately but, I just could care less.


Yeah I’m gonna wait and see on this.


That’s all we can do is wait.
There’s so many new games on the horizon that BL3 is gonna be left in the dust for my forseeable future.


as we saw with every single thing they have implemented so far this new mode will be a broken piece of trash
always remember release borderlands 3
release mayhem 1.0
release mayhem 2.0
release veteran vendor ( who is rly broken as all of the loot is supposed to be with annoitns yet event annoints wont drop at all, and some gear comes with no annoint
release guardian breach
honestly its a long list

just always remember tha they also said playtesting is not good for them since it takes too long


thoughts… um, Pass.


to my absolute non suprise ppl on twitter already say its the best thing since mayhem 2.0 release which to them was a godsent

I’m aware of the 2nd Season Pass

I’ve looked into it

Not at this time

Think that pretty much sums up my thoughts on it.


i will definitely check it out at some streamer first
no preorder


Looks like the only recourse is to see if BL3 crashes and burns completely after these new modes are launched. If so, then win the lottery and buy out a crippled and devalued GB and 2K. Then I can direct the developers and writers to put things back on track and bring the BL Franchise back into its original Narrative-centric strengths (and fix all the gameplay stuff as well of course).


Obviously it’s hard to know how interesting this will be since they haven’t given us any substantial information, just marketing teases. Their choice, just not very useful.
I do know that I haven’t been pining for a new skill tree, I’'m pretty happy with what I have.
And as for new game modes, well, I have not spent a lot of time thinking Gosh, I sure wish Borderlands would change into another type of game! After 17,000 hours plus across all 3 games (and a few hundred hours in TPS) I kinda like the game mode we already have and would prefer enhancements to that mode instead of new stuff.

All that being said, I will buy it simply cuz I have more money than sense. And I’ll pretend justify it to myself by saying Well, I’m funding BL4’s development.


They said season pass 2 will contain 2 DLC’s and the fourth skill trees and arms race mode will count as one of the two. I’m a little worried that it looks like we won’t be seeing headhunters return in this game now. Guess we’ll wait and see.


I’m curious to see if Designer’s Cut is a version of the game the Devs wanted us to have initially, or a game mode that has an editor for those of use who want to modify the game?

I’m thinking the latter, an that the Director’s Cut would be a version of the game closer to the original intent of the development team than either what shipped, or what it’s become.

We’ll see, but that it’s going to take til 2021 for the Director’s Cut, I have a feeling that will be the version of the game they will push Console to PC cross play on, and it will be the most curated version of the game, to ensure a balanced experience for the full player base.

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Not going to buy it unless theres some sort of roadmap,like most days do nowadays. Not going to be duped into wasting money for a 2nd time


at first i myself thought, maybe the designers cut is some sort of special rule playthrough like true vault hunter mode, and its seperate to the arms race
like you play the game no mayhem no preexisting gear, just a select few things handpicked out of what works and implemented in a better gameloop
again with different rules and fixes perhaps way faster animations like for example how a turbo mode works in devil may cry

and as the directors cut i thought first. okay this could be some sort of bl 1-2 recut of the base game / gameplay where you have more classic stuff, and its rly a whole new idea of how the game is played

the shantae series does this where you have a base campaign, and MULTIPLE variations, changing the game rules for reach playthrough significantly, so you rly never have the same experience or way to finish it
even the story changes from slightly to heavily

that could have been rly cool

and as an explanation use the same for how mayhem works
its different dimensions or whatever, and thats the dimension where rules are like this

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i wanna say, one game i now point my fingers at for how its done is no mans sky
the game at this point is pretty much as ppl wished it would be to release you know, the IT CANT BE REAL state
and its even going beyond that
and its not done
all of that for free once you have the base game

you wont get charged for that ■■■■
you get it as a free content dlc

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This isn’t how you get people reacting well, by calling anyone who likes the game and its future content in for a bad experience.

I’m gonna wait and see. We know very little at the moment. I’m always up for more ways to play Borderlands, but that doesn’t mean I just throw money around.


I have no idea what to expect and I don’t even know where to begin on speculation, but we’re getting more details soon so yeah. But I’m 100% sure I’ll buy it because I want all the Borderlands things. :slight_smile:

The only thing I don’t want is another level cap increase. Level 65 is actually right on par with the other BL games especially when you consider that in other BL games, you didn’t even start getting your action skill and skill points until level 5 (or 3 in TPS). But I suspect one will be coming with the 4th skill trees but we’ll see.

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I’m sitting this one out. Next gen console season is weeks away, and at the moment Borderlands 3 is not at high enough standard for me, and surely others to overlook what’s coming next month.

Bugs and Gearbox’s insistence on letting then go without fix, poor ideas and implementation like the whole Mayhem 2.0 disaster that took weeks to get to what it is now, progress blockers mainly on paid content and a plethora of other gameplay and gunplay balancing issues. Those are my reasons.


the only way i get the new dlcs and stuff is MAYBE down the road if there is a big GOTY edition or something where everything is inside and its down to like… idk 50/60% in my country that happens fairly fast like a year or so after release EASY

who knows if a modder wont even do a better job once the game goes into zero development and big modding makes sense to do