Thoughts on their season pass 2?

SP1 was $30.

Nope. On sale, perhaps, but list price is 50$, 60$ a-la-carte for DLC1-4.


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Correction, I paid $40, not on sale.

I would’ve paid $40 for SP2 if it had actual DLC’s included/lined up. It looks as though we got scraps imo, that’s all.

Also, there could be a “surprise” dlc in the works, hopeful anyway.

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Not arguing here just pointing it out hehe

Every DLC is 15$ :wink: bundle/SP price is better value

So it’s almost the same hehe (but yeah sp1 had 4 while sp2 has 2 hehe)

For me personally, i wouldn’t enjoy the skill trees :sweat_smile: though iron cub would probably mean i would have played moze if it was part of the existing trees.

Arms race… Again not my cup of tea and well… The handful of legendaries isn’t worth it to me (again personally hehe)

DLC6 look a bit more interesting :nerd_face: though not sure how much end game it adds (raid boss that people solo’d right out of the gate sounds like it’s just more boss farming)

BL2 Season Pass: $30 usd
Including 4 DLC stories:

  • Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty
  • Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage
  • Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt
  • Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep

An entirely new character is very different than 4, broken skill trees. An entirely new character requires voice acting, art and character work, 3 new skill trees, potentially new gameplay mechanics (such as a flying pet), and much more. There is a vast difference between 4, seemingly untested skilltrees and an entirely new character with 3 new skill trees. That kinda gives the price tag a bit more validity.

Sadly, inflation over 8 years does not double a price tag so I’mma respectfully ask you to leave economics to the professionals.

The mode IS repetative. It is always the same map with the same enemies. The only thing that changes is the Battle Royale “deadzone” circle. Yes. Uninteresting repetition that takes away what separates this game from the hundreds of other first person shooters (aka: skill trees and abilities) is objectively bad. Also, I would love for you to quote the section that I said save/quit farming was good because, for some weird reason, I can’t seem to find that. Also, Arms Race IS save/quit farming. Get a bad map section then you save, quit, reload. Finish the race then you save, quit, then reload to do it again because it takes less time than teleporting multiple times to get back. to the starting area.

Vault Cards are literally just daily/weekly challenges last I checked… also, last I checked, that is a free feature in every single other game in this genre. So, you’re paying for what other games give you for free. Neat.

Ava’s quests. Yay. 3-4 short quests with the most hated character in BL history. Sweet.

Also, do you really want to state that a single piece of gear from a boss is part of what makes a DLC worth he cash? A piece of gear that isn’t even that good? Or, if it is/was good then you feed into the “pay real money for OP items” mentality of the devs.

Look, I know you want to defend your purchase and the devs, but you’re not doing anything wrong when you call out corporate greed and admit that you gave them money for something that ultimately wasn’t worth it. Companies need to stop thinking they can get away with providing shallow and/or broken products to the consumer base. This game was a massive upset to a vast majority of fans. If you genuinely enjoy what you paid for and feel it was worth it then that is great! I’m happy you enjoyed it and it is not my intention to invalidate your joy. I am genuinely sorry if you felt I did that. However, the things BL3 has done are objectively bad relative to past installments and other games within the genre which are being released. Companies need to be held accountable and made responsible for their harmful tactics. If they aren’t, then they will continue to degrade the industry and provide progressively lower and lower quality products at higher prices all while overworking and underpaying the people who create for them (aka: the developers).

Hold greed accountable.


Agreed on the skill trees haha

Personally i would rather have them bring back old vault hunters with 2 new skill trees (would have love gaige and krieg as playable characters again) though that wouldn’t work with the story :rofl:

But yeah… The skill trees imho don’t add that much to the game.

But then again, other people probably love them

I hope they drop the price soon. Because it’s way overpriced.

And who’s brilliant idea was it to put daily quests in a DLC? That should have been in the base game from the start.

Today i caved and bought it (wanted to play the game and didn’t have anything i wanted to do)

Arms race… Like i thought, won’t be playing it much (hell i found a hellshock pistol and it destroyed everything i pointed at)

Skill trees… Atm not bothering with them

Raid boss… Probably this evening i’ll try it

The daily’s… Haven’t even looked at it haha forgot they where a thing so might look into it

I never discussed doubling the price tag in the first place - my post was comparing Character DLC from BL2 (e.g. Gaige) with its 10$ price and DLC5 from BL3 (skill trees + Arms Race), which goes for 15$ . You decided to bring in SP1 pricing across the games for some reason, even though discussion was about SP 2 and it’s value (or lack thereof)…

Original snippet with the offending reference to inflation is below:

Just for the sake of the quick estimate, 2% is not an outrageous number to use, so after 8 years you are looking at 16+%. In my line of work we usually don’t wave off effects of that order.

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Bought the pass today…

Already finished all the content :rofl:

Sure i’m leveling the vault card (honestly forgot it was even part of the damn thing haha) and haven’t seen everything in arms race (i expect seeing more of the same i did the few times i played it)

I bought it for 20 bucks… But i think it’s more a 15 bucks kinda thing :sweat_smile: for the whole season pass. But that’s my opinion hehe

I really do not give 2 cents for the skill trees (if they where separate i would just not get them)

All in all… It’s not that much money though compared to the main game and SP1… I get the feeling that SP2 is overpriced :sweat_smile:

Honestly i do not really see me repeating ava’s mission… Wasn’t bad but hardly something that has much replay value.

And there’s nothing anybody can do about it :rofl: pricing is kind of out of GBX’ hands (or even completely hehe) that’s why i got it now. To late to regret it hehe

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Excuse me sir, this is the “Not playing BL3” police, we had a report that you were actually playing the game, I am going to ask you to drop the controller and come around slowly with yours hands in sight.


Hahaha seeing i already finished much of the second season pass in a few hours… I’ll not be playing much again. Thanks for your service officer :man_pilot:


I see now it is discounted to E 19.49. Still a bit too much, I guess. But I think I will buy it anyway.

Also bought it because of the discount but yeah… Imho it’s a bit much for the little content (skill trees should be separate)

Already solo’d hermi and vermi on my first try, Ava’s quest was pretty short and well, arms race… Probably the only thing that’s worth it haha

i got it season 2 pass for i think £17 on sale, but again was mostly short lived game play time as got bored of game fast as what season 2 pass offered isnt much and mostly got season pass 2 at time for cheaper skins…dont care for arm race much also dont care about skill tree’s they added but actual added on quests/missions are very lack luster and empty with season pass 2.


I bought the Pass 1 and 2 for a discounted price, the two together around 15-16EUR or something? I think thats a good price for it, I’ve played Moxxi’s DLC, was really fun, the other one the Sherif whatever is terrible dull and very weak map/NPC design, I got very bored playing it.

Didn’t check the rest I’m just mucking around in M10 on base game lol, not much time to play. :slight_smile:

First 2 where great, 3 was a hit or miss and 4 is… Short. but that could have been because of the pandemic. Bit fun to be had but there’s a boss with an immunity stage (yes… After 4 dlc’s they still didn’t scrap that crap)

SP2… Skill trees and arms race aside… There’s not much there.