Thoughts on tie-breakers

What are your thoughts on tie-breakers? And to specify further questions;

  • Should there be a tie-breaker?
  • If there should be a tie-breaker, what should it be?

I myself, don’t like nor want tie-breakers. One of the main reasons simply being the fact that I don’t understand why there has to be a definite winner in the first place, why a tie is a bad thing. If anything else, it tends to (at least for me that is), just beat down any hope for comebacks primarily in Incursion.

Example: Recently played a match where we were getting beaten pretty badly and were always staying in the same chokehold. They never got a proper push, but dragged our Sentry down through small pushes and eventually killed it. After 28 minutes of just defending through the same chokehold we were able to push back hard, straight to their sentry. But as we did the push, I just wondered why. Why even bother? They’re just going to win either way because of the score difference, destroying their sentry won’t do anything. We ended up destroying their sentry, and sure enough, it was considered to be a loss and they got the win.

I think the tie-breaker will be more justified after the Winter update later today since it’ll factor in more than killing and assisting in killing Battleborn. But still I wish there wasn’t one. That a tie was considered to be what it was, a tie.

So once again, what are your thoughts on this?


Should be a draw imo. Nothing wrong with a draw if 2 teams do the same damage to sentries which is… you know… the objective. An overtime mechanic or something could be used, considering that by that stage everyone is lvl10 and the game is way more dynamic and it’s easier to get sentry damage. Though that could just prolong kill-farming games…

I’m pretty sure they were just kill-farming us in that game btw. Or at the very least they were way more focused on kills than on the sentry.

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I don’t mind having a tie breaker, but I wanna know if the damage taken stat will award the highest or lowest damage taken?


I was going to write a long post talking about Incursion and 2 point capture maps in Overwatch and the frequency of draws in these game modes due to inherent design flaws but I don’t feel like having a discussion abt it right now so I’m just going to say that no, the coin-flip from season one was annoying and so is any other tiebreaker.

Though I guess this new one could work a little better. But I don’t get the mentality that there needs to be a clear winner and loser either.

I anoint myself winner regardless of whatever the final screen says. I mean, if the game can tell me some nonsense about “0 score”, why should I trust it about anything else? :wink:

edit: serious answer, I do think it would be nice to see draws rather than breaking ties based on kills aka score. I can see the rationale for changing it. If a team doesn’t get any damage on the second sentry yet reaches time with a marked kill advantage, there’s a decent chance they’re kill farming…

But this all changes in a few hours anyway, right?

I would actually love to see a draw.


I hated the old tie break because it only rewarded kills, and not how the entire match played out. I think this is better, but I haven’t seen the specific match stat so I withhold judgment until I can play a handful of each new addition

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Isn’t the tye breaker who got first blood?

No, it was based on the average player score. Kills counted as 2, assists counted as 1

If both teams had the same score(?) then the tie breaker was indeed first blood. Which is basically a literal coin-flip on who wins.

usually the first team to overextend.

Ha, I think you summarised my post in that sentence!

I don’t know whether they’ve changed it, but as of now, the one with the lowest damage taken has the “best” damage taken stat.

You and me both mate. You and me both.

Ha, same with myself with regards to ties. In the example I used I considered that to be a tie and refuse to call it a defeat :sweat_smile:

It changes the basis upon which tie-breakers are decided on (as I take it you already know). But to me at least, the fundemental question is whether tie-breakers should be a thing in the first place.

What vegancookies5 said.

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Yeah but I hope that changes because someone like ernest can easily top damage and have lowest damage taken!

Toby being another contendor for the “Double Damage Award”.

You know what? I’m just going to call that phenomenon just that now.

Double Damage Award - Deal most damage whilst taking least damage in said process.

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And Toby could get top healing given in theory :stuck_out_tongue:
Even ernest can heal according to @FlamesForAll :stuck_out_tongue:

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Damn. We need to nerf Toby! How about making his 14 H/s be 14 D/s and all projectiles he fires reflect back onto him if he tries firing through it?




Lol wot

You were drunk/tired and you tried telling someone you were healing them and you were ernest :stuck_out_tongue:


One time, @FlamesForAll when was on my team, he had a subpar match, apologized for being bad and said he didn’t deserve to play with us and left. About a minute later, he sent all of us party and game invites. I can totally see him trying to heal with Ernest. I hear that heal egg is OP

To be fair, I don’t know what time zone you are in, but it was around 2am est, so it was getting late in North America.

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I’ve been healed 14,000 in one death screen from an Ernest. Not impossible. (I think it was that much. It was crazy)
Yeah glitch I’m sure haha