Thoughts on weapon customization options in BL3?

I have no idea where I’m supposed to post this, but what evs XD. I’m really intrigued by the topic of weapon customization though, and am also quite interested in other’s opinions. Any thoughts?
(I personally think it’d be fantastic if implemented properly, and I’m willing to discuss what “Properly” might be)

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Personally, I don’t like the idea of weapon customisation, it removes the need for farming (which I personally enjoy). Even the Grinder in TPS i’m kind of iffy on, but since not every legendary has a assigned lootpool in that game… yeah.

However, I would be lying if I say that I don’t want the ability to rename any of your items. If within a possible wordfilter to avoid profanity being spewed online.

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I do agree on naming weapons, but I mean, like, what if they added a dlc where you could make your own weapons, test em’, but leave them there at the end of the day?

What about customization but, in the form of a forge? Basically, it gives you incentive to keep all the weapons you come across. As all weapons come with different scopes, grips, barrels and stocks, you’d simply take different weapons that have different parts that you want on them, throw them into a forge, and it takes all of the attachments of the weapons you threw in, and re rolls a new gun with the possibility of it rolling with those attachments. The only tricky part would be, aside from rolling a gun specifically for those attachments, you’d have to roll the style of weapon you wanted. Unless they added it so you could only throw like weapons in at once. Such as SMG, Assault Rifle, Sniper, etc. Just my 2 cents.

Really good idea, actually. Kinda like TPS! Grinder. I like that approach!

100% yes, farm Bunker 15,526,39 times and the bitch you get has a blade…

Or farm the blockhead and you get that god awful tv scope.

If they could come up with a way to replace parts it would be great

I really think they should do a skin customization for the weapons like they have for vehicles give people a ton more farming in the future

yes 100 %

in the division I spent countless hours just to get skins to drop just because. Would love this function

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I feel your pain. However, if you are on Xbox, I can give both a near-perfect fire and corrosive Bitch!

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Yes, I really wish I could change the Sandhawk’s skin. The Deliverance looks a bit lame, along with The Maggie. If you could unlock different skin patterns and colours along the way, then that’d be an even larger incentive for me. A goal to create the most bad-ass skin the borderlands has ever laid eyes upon.

your really missing the point. At this point I have every possible gun I could want/need
I just used the bitch as an example

It’s more the point that after farming you should/could make it possible to some way re-roll (for lack of better words)

thanks BTW for the offer

No, I get it. Just trying to lend a helpful hand, that’s all. I don’t know your position.

But yeah, I’ve been farming for a loooong time trying to get a Sham, and it would help if I could change my awful 74% to a 94%.

Edit: (Just noticed I said 74%. Since that isn’t possible, just replace that with 76% :grin:)