Thoughts on Whiskey Foxtrot changes

In all honestly, I like them. They made his shrapnel instant instead of having to press it twice, making his combo easier to land and increasing overall dps with his Nade/Shrapnel combo. Scrap wounds now, reducing pesky heals. Plus they buffed the damage increase of his shrapnel level 2 helix. I won’t lie, he won’t become god tier and this probably doesn’t solve all his problems but I think it’s a step in the right direction.


Actually, Mellka has wound on her spike. But ISIC has wound instead of a slow on his overcharged shots. So still one of two ranged wounds.

Thanks for the correction.

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Swiss Cheese damage buff is pretty nice, but still ought to have been a flat damage boost. They also should raise the duration on the debuff, which may be the case and they simply didn’t mention it. I’m hoping there are additional changes that were not mentioned, as he still has a lot of single choice helix tiers. The Wound debuff is nice too, will give him a more aggressive role in early game - apply scrap to healer target, slow and focus healer.

He unfortunately is getting hit with an indirect nerf from the universal nerf to quick melees - the knockback on them now have diminishing returns against the same target within a frame of time.


Agreed although the single tier helix choices are problems for a majority of the cast with a couple of exceptions.

I use instant cast, so I never had to press it twice, lol. but they did make it more responsive, I believe. MORE importantly, it now centers on your damned crosshairs, so that’s good.

My only concern about giving scrap cannon a wound is that it will make scrap bank an even better choice. Though, the buff to Swiss Cheese is also very good.

At the end of the day, Whiskey is one of my favorites, so I’m happy to have any buffs. I still think Whiskey will still have an extremely hard time from level 1-4, really hitting his stride at level 7, and finally being one of the best level 10 characters.

can you explain the other problems? I’ve found no problems.

How inaccurate his rifle is at long range (without the scope). The super-long animation for his ultimate. His reload time. His lack of anything close to waveclear until level… 7?

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Ill agree the animation time is a huge pain. The other items are part of his character. If he got napalm at level 2 it would be all over with. LOL don’t shoot long range without the scope…problem solved. Reload? I think he’s got 2 reload helix choices. Pick one. Pick 2 or use a reload item. I use gold one that gives reload, damage resist and recoil reduction. I’ld use a blue reload, but I’m a horrible shot and need all the recoil reduction I can get… LOL happy hunting mate

Oh, don’t get me wrong. Most of his problems are solvable, but they’re still problems.

I use a Legendary reload, a Rare attack damage (more on kill), and either crit bonus or shield pen

My point about his talent placements are that Whiskey has a REALLY hard time dealing with any kind of aggression early on. His best talents are the mutations at 5,6.

You don’t have enough health to deal with close enemies (only 80 more than Marquis at level 1). You don’t have any sustain. You don’t have the ability to efficiently deal with distant enemies.

So, this means:
Level 1 - Take “Flak Off” to deal with scary close-range people, then run away (missing out on lane XP)
Level 3 - You can take the scope and “Finally” deal with mid-long range engagements
Level 5 - Killer Regen (A mutation) is almost Mandatory, making reload and movement talents useless
Level 6 - Napalm! Finally (another mutation) gives you a chance to have any kind of waveclear… at level 6. AND it’s less 3/4 the damage of Oscar Mike’s level 2 talent.
Level 10 - A big middle finger to all those shield-users that have been harassing you all game OR just more bullets if they’re not bugging you with shields.

It takes forever to level up because of how hard it is to get contribution XP. Making you need to catch up to other characters XP levels.

yeah, I’m still just not sure about that. If you take the slowing grenades that OM doesn’t have any slowing except lvl 10 it makes up for that. When I play him, I stay back just like marquise. You don’t get hit much so you don’t die as much. The only guy I’ve seen so far with any “problems” is Toby or maybe even Kelvin.

No changes to his RDS?

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I love the slow grenades. But if the enemy team has a Galilea or a Rath, I have to take the flak-off, because they can just close and kill me. And El Dragon is even worse.

I almost never die as Whiskey, but it’s a slow climb to 5.

@MidnightNova No change to RDS that they mentioned.

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Mhm. Maybe in a future update I suppose.

I mentioned this in another post, but I think it makes sense to have characters like this in PVP. FAAAAr too many times have I seen people running right past minions and buildables just to go after other BB. Those guys can do that while WF sits back and uses the first number of levels to just deal with minions and thralls and build/break stuff. you can pick off fleeing BB or support dying allies. By the time you get napalm you get minion clears just by proxy of napalm death. I absolutely hated him at first. Now I can go to work on people with him. And everyone compares OM to WF’s napalm, but OM can’t spread his shots out and that really makes the difference. Most people see their life ticking down and they instinctively back up. You can force people back really far if you just tilt up while shooting grenades.

Yea, man. I get that. You don’t have to convince me that Whiskey is good and has some pro plays. Master of Whiskey Foxtrot, Reptile Foxtrot, and Rodeo taunt over here.

All I’m trying to say is that he’s a slow-starter. Maybe it’s intentional, maybe it’s a design oversight. Who knows?

Side note: Oscar Mike is labeled as “Versatile, Pusher, Easy”. Whiskey Foxtrot is labeled as “Versatile, Skirmisher, Easy”. Whiskey is not that versatile and not that good at skirmishing at first.

you could say that about Kelvin in PVP. Hell, you could say that about him in PVE too. he’s easily the worst brawler at the beginning and practically unkillable at the end.

yea, but his kit is still good in the early game. Mobile stun and become nearly invincible and escape? Healing and waveclear? No matter how bad you think Kelvin is early game, Whiskey is still worse.


Well, we will see exactly how sublimate has changed, but I find in most instances that Kelvin can at least move in against pressure and chomp a minion or two before fleeing, right at level 1. But it HAS to be that way since he’s melee.

After reading the notes, his level 2 helix option got buffed hard. Not only did they buff the damage increase but they doubled its duration. Swiss Cheese is going to shred.

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