Thrall and Bots mega damage - Glitch?

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Hey guys. Just wanted to pass this on as it’s unquestionably a glitch? Or just unquestionable.

I was stood near our sentry, bots and Thrall coming down path way. I Blight them, kill one, then BANG…insta-killed.

That’s 5000 damage, instant. I’m happy for them to be badass, but uhhh, that’s a little too much!!

Besides, even though bots are a big part of the game, surely it’s more PvP than Man -v- BOTZILLA :wink:

Dem grenades kid. They’ll devastate you. I’ve gotten weird numbers before as well. I had two enemy players deal (together) roughly 20k damage to me for a kill. They’ve got some weird stuff going on and way too many bugs to count.

Wrong. The Thrall in Incursion don’t throw grenades. Neither do MX Strikers.

Thrall Brutes will only engage you when they are near are too far away and then shoot guns at you.

And I’m 46, not a kid.

1: I was making a simple comment about how devistating those grenades can be and I haven’t PvP’d in a while so I forgot. I apologize for my mistake.
2: I did also mention how the numbers aren’t always accurate and how the game is still quite buggy.
3: “Kid” is a term you can use to address anyone of any age just a “dude” or “pal” are. You’re 46 so you should know that.

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The thrall with the shield do “throw” gernades but only at the sentry and I believe only every 20 seconds.

The damage is insane because it is meant to only hit the sentry.

Also the third enemy to damage you is glitched, for just about every death. The third number is always the second one plus their damage. You can see this if you press X to see the damage report.

That’s good feedback, thanks. I’ve never seen one throw a grenade in PvP so will keep my eyes open. So happens I’m stood next to the sentry too. But 2500 damage and no way of seeing it coming… Bit extreme. Bad enough when one of your team has quit and your holding fort.

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PS4? I’m asking because I notice the “Press OPTIONS to vote” notification.

I’m a PS4 player and have not experienced this. Hmm.

Most of my games today were shocking. Players with 0 kills and just voting to quit all the time. Frustrating :rage:

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Are we friended yet? I’ll run with you for some PvP. I’m very new to it (mostly done PvE) so I’ll be a boat anchor for a while, but I’ll fight 'em out if the team wants to. I think you can still learn a lot from fighting a losing battle, as long as it doesn’t devolve into pure spawn-trap hell.

Dreaming_Sky on PS4. I don’t have the PC version.

BTW, I was wrong on saying they don’t chuck grenades, but in over a 100 hours now I’ve never seen the Thrall chuck em. @Radical pointed it out so I’ve been keeping an eye on them, and yes they do. Hard to see them do it amongst the chaos, and it’s a very quick animation. So you have my apologies for saying you were wrong.

Find it hard to believe they should do so much damage though :boom: