Thrall Brute a bit overtuned in Advanced?

I’ve been playing advanced only since you made matchmaking available for it (Thanks btw!). While overall the damage of the mobs and bullet sponginess reminds me of UVHM most of the mobs are managable usually (especially as a ranged when you can take cover).

But one of them started to stand out for me. The most trouble and wipes usually comes from Thrall Brutes. The problem with them is they spawn way more numbers than their damage and survivability would suggest in Advanced. Often they spawn in a group of 3 WITH additional trashmobs or even a large mob like Bonecrusher (which is hilariously easier to handle than a single Brute).

They have a medium health pool but their shield can mitigate a huge amount of damage. Yes they are vulnerable to headshots but most of the time you can’t take your time aiming because their gun damage especially since they like to spawn in groups can shred you in seconds. Not only that but they have a grenade launch ability which can almost one shot you. Granted you have an aoe indicator for that but on the other hand it’s pretty large and sometimes hard to see with the other effects around.

Even in Rendain various phases these Thralls are the most common causes of wipes in my experience. Espeically when Warlord Nix and Rendain in his last phase summons like 10 of them around the map. It’s like a death by firing squad if you can’t start thinning their numbers in seconds after they spawn you are screwed.

I am not sure if anyone else feels this way but if it’s not only me then i would suggest looking at their damage numbers OR increase their ranking in the mob type so they don’t spawn in hordes in exchange you can buff them a bit to be a solo elite mob type.


I think their grenade spam is op, often times you literally cannot get out of the AoE in time, and the blast radius seems to far exceed the red area. That and the grenades explode on impact often…

The only reason why battleborns with the ability to score headshots easily is more viable then anything else in advanced. Combined by the extra hp and damage scaling, not having someone in your team to shred these guys quick enough is basically insta wipe if their in a group. Especially for the Rendain boss stage, where Warlord Nix might also appear - They just pepper the entire area with these guys it’s just unfair.

Sure they do have a giant critzone on their backsides but since there’s not enough cover, running behind them would probably get you killed if there’s dozen of adds.

Your not even mentioning how hard these are on melee characters.

9/10 times I’ve played Advanced on random team they take out the entire team at once.
To be honest I don’t think people will put up with that for long, Gearbox really needs to address this now.

Balance is bad on normal, gonna be even worse on advanced, probs why they held advanced matchmaking back. Feels like a lot of effort to play this game at moment.

Because melee characters have overall trouble surviving the advanced mode. Not just Thralls Brutes but most of the elites are tearing them up if they try to collide with them head on.

It’s another issue but granted it’s an issue.

i found better luck with marquis against these guys. though, he cant solo it but if your in a group marquis can snipe these guys more quickly and is able to avoid their missiles. if you have a sniper type character i think it helps somewhat, but they still have to survive long enough to get to these parts.

I think the biggest problem are the shields. Whenever I’m on a melee, brutes are significantly more dangerous than any other kind of Thrall, including Beastmasters and such, just due to how hard they are to hit if they’re facing you. Really screws over lifedrain characters like Attikus.

I tend to find that when folks die, 99% of the time it’s due to one of three enemies: Thrall Brutes, Varelsi Scaven, or Ronin Bots. All three are much more powerful than the more elite critters that they’re underlings to.

Yup I always go wtf when people choose multiple melee characters for certain missions.

If you have any lifesteals like Rath or Deande or Attikus it dosnt work on shields or robots even. Just verelsi and thralls without shields.

The game really punishes melee in story mode.

seems like they have just massive health as well

It’s a tough call, how hard is hard? I agree, the Thrall Brutes in crowds are the toughest enemies on advanced because their grenades can one shot you and you can’t get revives if several of them are blanketing an area with grenades (or you get revived and then you both get one shot the next moment). Most of my deaths on advanced come from them. One on one, I think the Ronin bots are tougher with their slowing ability and the Mx Elite bots with their enormous firepower. I would rate all 3 (Several Brutes together, Ronin Bots and Elite bots in any numbers) as much harder than any boss in the game except Rendain. Then again, it is advanced mode and it is supposed to be hard. My issue is more with defense point health not scaling to five player difficulty in advanced rather than the actual enemies. I think the game discourages you from playing with 5 players on advanced, which is ridiculous, but it’s so much easier with 3.

Then again, a friend of mine argues that it’s supposed to be that hard and you need a great five with good party balance and stick to normal if you’re not willing to do that :slight_smile:

i have had a lot more fun and classic games playing with 3. the enemy scaling seemed just right and it was not overdone. still hard but there was always hope that we could push through it with better placement or approach. with 5 it just felt like a hopeless slog. even when we beat it, just felt like there was so much going on at once i could not enjoy it

Actually lifesteal works on all enemies even turrets. One thing that (sort of) helps dealing with the brutes quickly is to go for their legs. It drops em to the ground and exposes their head so you can lay into em. Granted if there are 3 in a group it’s still gonna hurt but it’ll help CC em a bit(and maybe even just get rid of one).

You need ISIC. his charge shot penetrates thier shield and does massive damage. I can take out a brute on advanced with 4 shots.

The main issue witj advanced is its overtuning for group size. I ■■■■ you not, do it with 2 or 3. I couldn’t do helio adv with 5 people but I do it with one other and we got gold with ease. 5man spawn rate is just way to high, combine that with the enemy damage boost = horror show.

Now can we mention the lack of defendables health boost to compensate for enemy damage boost lol? Cant defend the sentry past the first stage in that “save eldrid knowledge” mission

true but even on normal on low rank they are a bit OP. only from the get go though.

True. I’ve had a lot better success in all pug groups of 2-3. I actually hope 2 people quit at character selection screen so we have a better chance.

I actually never see people do this in games for the easy kill

I soloed the last stage with attikus on advanced. You have to just build very defensively on a melee character. Health regeneration to run and hide.

I also play as him to farm advance stages. If there are 5 people and 1 person is not pulling his or her weight you will wipe. So many adds spawn with 5 people.

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