Thrall Frustrations

Ok, so, I just played with a team of 2 100’s, a mid 70’s, and a mid 80’s, versus four 100’s and a 50 something.

Pretty even match, although our team quite obviously chose their favourite characters to main, rather than a composition favourable to Monuments (myself included, to be fair, as I am trying to level up Caldarius).


We could have won probably for sure if my team had simply followed my map pings and helped me grab the double thralls when they popped every 5 minutes.

I went there at the 25 minute mark after we had just cleared the central lane between the first two sentries.

Stood there pinging and running out trying to guide my guys down to the middle thralls.

No dice.

Happened again at 20.

In each occasion, the other team got those thralls and punished us with them.

Finally, at 17 minutes, I plugged in my mic and broke down to my team exactly how the center thralls work, when they appear, how important they are, especially in monuments cuz they are so easy to sneak in for a good ol’ fashioned shield tearing down.

No one else had a mic, but after that, they started going for the thralls every 5 minutes like clockwork.

With the 15 minute thralls, we were able to sneak them in and wipe out their sentry (they took ours shortly later).

At the ten and 5 minute marks, we either got the thralls to have to the enemies tear them up shortly later or fought the enemies for them and killed the thralls after they got them.

We ended up 50-50 and lost by average player score (they had 149 total we had 127).

My point is, though, is that that this is FAR from the first time this has happened.

Don’t get me wrong, some teams I play with know when the thralls come up and make a point to get them.

We generally win those games.

But SOOOO many people, even high command ranks, just seem to blatantly ignore the double Thralls, hell, they even ignore the single thralls.

Does anyone have any idea why this could be?

I realize the most obvious answer is probably “well they mainly played PVE and don’t understand the purpose of thralls in pvp” but that cannot be the case with EVERYBODY.

Any thoughts?

I think it’s just that not everyone is used to the objective based gameplay of Battleborn PvP. People are more used to the idea of pushing to get kills and by getting kills, you wipe out enough players to get sentry damage and minion waves in. I think people get so focused on trying to control lane to do this, they forget about the clockwork cycles of thralls and shards. I know it’s happened to me in the middle of a tough fight. You are right about monuments though, those middle thralls are the key to a good push and often people are pushed up on the opponent’s sentry and forget about them altogether until they see their sentry mysteriously going down.

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I know getting thralls is important and a player with a considerable amount of PvP experience will likely always be minded that a team should make a move on them together at a strategic time. But I’m not sure just pinging the map and expecting results is the best way to go. I’ve noticed quite a lot of players pinging a lot of different map points and to be honest I don’t always appreciate what they’re trying to get at. Pinging can mean an awful lot of things, not to mention just being accidentally done at times. If you want to get doubles - or do anything else that needs teamwork - using a mic is definitely the best way to go. If not, typing a message works too. Pinging can be obscure!



Fair enough.

You can type a message in match?

And what if your team mates are mic’d up in a private party?

Unless they have game chat prioritized, which is very rare, they will not hear you.

Ah, you may be on console. I’m on PC, so it’s fairly straightforward to type a msg, and you can either have your mic on all the time or use push to talk. It may be more difficult to communicate on other platforms, I don’t know. In general I’m a supporter of using ingame mic if it’s possibie, getting a clear message out there can make all the difference.

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Yeah, I think I’m going to start keeping my mic on just for emergency in game communications from here on out.

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I think that what may have happened is that pinging the mid thralls on monuments may have been really confusing since the mini map is one dimensional. It’s quite possible that they thought you were pinging above you with nothing going on. Certainly would be confusing if I was focusing on other things

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Actually its absurdly common, even in privates unless you have a single guy who can kill them easily by himself. They are just not as important as map control.

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Yeah, PC has match chat.
Works just like any other PC multi-player chat function, hit a button to bring up the type box, quick type, hit enter, go back to playing.

If GBX could implement a call-out system similar to Overwatch’s, that’d amazing!
Instead of a ping, you press the “ping” button to bring up a radial menu, then you quick tilt the control stick to what you want to say, and release. Your character than calls out “I need heals” or “Enemy over here!” And stuff like that.
Battleborn would benefit even more from this system.


People want kills, screw them thralls and objectives!

Not going for thralls is the equivilant of attackers over committing in Meltdown and ignoring the big bots.

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The best I’ve done is to get 4 Thralls and a super minion alone. My entire team camped mid. No damage dealt to sentry. I almost quit.

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I completely agree here. I don’t play Overwatch but I do play TF2 and the call-out system is really useful (if occasionally spammed, but I find that hilarious). I especially like the idea of a medic call-out, but other general communications also help the game go a lot smoother.

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