Thrall Grenade attack Rant (I've been holding this in for half a year)

Please take note of the following:
1: This is not the whining of a neophyte player, more of a command rank 107 player ranting about a single aspect of PvE that frustrates him.

2: If you disagree and want to explain why, please say more than just “Git Gud” and “Shut up casual, us real gamers have no problems”.

Thrall grenade attacks in Battleborn are by far my least favorite attacks in the game. No matter the Thrall you name, if it throws grenades, I have issues with it that I’ll explain now:

All Thrall:
1: The throw regardless of range. I have literally stood within kissing range of Thrall for them to throw a grenade at my feet with no warning. Brilliant.

2: No visual/audio feedback. This is a massive step back in comparison to Borderlands TPS. Regardless of your negative opinions towards that game, you have to admit that the beeping and red light emitting from enemy grenades was a small but good improvement from back in 2 where you were given no warning outside of enemy quotes.

Thrall Brutes only:
3 No Timers. The grenades they shoot from their guns have literally no timers leaving you no chance of avoiding them at close range (which they will use regardless of range). The other Thrall tend to have timers (small timers that I don’t believe add up to three seconds but timers nonetheless) which makes avoiding them somewhat possible but their shield using older brothers not only require less time to fire their own grenades, but tend to use the far more frequently. In more than one occasion, I’ve experienced more than 2 Thrall Brutes fire grenades at me at the same time on consecutively, allowing them to fully deplete my health faster than I can say “YOU %%%KIN’ %%%T%%%KS!!!” Not only are they easy for them to spam but they are difficult to avoid (I’ve run out of the grenade’s range just to take damage anyway to the point where I just gave up ever avoiding them in my head, something a player shouldn’t have to do).

Go ahead and call me a casual loser who can’t play (despite the fact that I have beaten every PvE stage without dying even in 5 people random teams) but I needed to let this out.
I don’t know if Gearbox will listen but I do have requests for this issue of mine:

1: Make grenades beep when you’re in range of them (Like in The Pre Sequel).

2: Give all enemy grenades damage range symbols (like with enemy Battleborn Area of Effect attacks).

3: Limit the grenades the enemy can use to possibly 3 (on Normal mode at least, they can go crazy on Hardcore or Advanced).

Tell me what you fellow players think and if you disagree, please give your reasons why (I’m curious and I promise to respect your opinions as long as you respect mine).


Even the Bomb runners toss nades.
It is annoying but it has become part of the theme.
The worst, most twisted, is the Montana dlc.
The Bomb Runners under the platform will stay under the turrets and throw nades constantly.
All of the thrall toss nades, the Beast thrall is an exception but he’s tossing damaging bolts.
Then in the floating islands section there are at least 4 fliers tossing bombs.
This is while your poor melee character is fighting a Disruptor and a host of verelsi.

Somebody in the Gearbox team is worse than those guys hiding in the woods :wink:

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Why the hell did they give primal Thrall grenades? Mooks should not be able to kill a player that easily.

Have you played halo?

They (Shielded Thralls) do have an animation for that grenade attack, and at least in PvP it has an aoe indicator, but the problem is that most aoe indicators in the game are “inaccurate*” and also often too little too late - When the indicator appears, it’s already too late to dodge it.

I’ve learned how to avoid the PvP thrall grenades, I think the animation indicating the attack is clear enough, but in PvE you’re gonna have to keep an eye out for a lot of stuff. Like the five other insta-kill attackers they decided to spawn in too.

Though I still think the fat bot grenades are worse. And several Ronin bots at the same time…

*most aoe attacks kind feel like they act similar to this; In red the in-game indicator, in blue the actual area it effects. Includes Shadowfire Pillars, Alani Bubble, and so on. Which does make sense for explosions and such, but trying to guess how big that invisible unmarked are is can get tricky… Especially when on a less than ideal connection…

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Yeah, it is the the worst attack. It takes you for all your health.

I don’t play or have ever even owned Microsoft consoles or games.

Personally I can handle Ronin Bots rather well (not that I’m trying to say they’re easy because they’re not). When I see a Ronin Bot or a few I go “Gotta get serious.” when I see a single Thrall brute I go “Oh dear Jack just launch the grenade already, you %%%king know you want to.”.

They do have an Animation in PvE as well, it’s just as you said, once you see the indicator you’re basically hit.

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Well if you had you would see a great deal of similarities in the PvE enemies including, giant enemies with shields that travel in pairs and carry one hit kill fuel rod cannons and have a vulnerable spot in the small of their backs. The most common enemies are grunts, short, squat, stupid, armed with sticky nades and a plasma pistol, will often suicide charge with a nade in each hand. Even the jackal snipers have near identical profiles, not that there is much variation in snipers across most shooters. There are several other comparisons I could make but I guess the first two are really the ones that matter here. I guess it doesn’t work well as a comparison for someone who has not played the game though.

Never ever stay still. I got so used to that stupid cheese granade. Only meele bb have trouble with them.

I usually try to face 1 at time as meele and use/abuse of blind, silence and stun. And always hit their feets after the cc to get an extra “stun”.

Personally i hate alpha bears, more than thrall’s granade.

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Man… y’all know I love rockets, right?
Well… the thrall take explosive love to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL…
I mean… the things I’ve heard they do with their grenades, man.
I love Boomsday. We have a very serious respectful relationship with one another… but she an’ I watch these thrall from the sky with their grenades, and we’re like… DAMN, NO!!! ENOUGH OF THE PDA ALREADY!! GET A F**KIN’ ROOM!!!
And then they don’t get a room. An’ we get mad…

Fires off multiple rockets.


Thrall explode.

Awwww… Boomsday, we done it again. Gimme a lil’ kiss.

Kisses Boomsday.

Just a lil’ one though. PG-13. There might be kids watchin’.

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…Do you still love it when they nade you while you’re in that mode? :wink:

i would be alright with the mid thralls grenades if the aoe was accurate, but as you said, you can be completely outside of it and still get lambasted.
most of the others grenades i can handle well enough. id be alright if they got rid of them all having grenades, except for some grenadier type thrall- that way you could focus down the grenadier if theyre giving you issues.

The one thing that bugs me the most outside of the rate some are tossed is the close range for melee chars.
To make that worse, the Shift Supervisor in the Mike dlc, when you have a challenge to melee him, is spawning fliers exploding and Boom Bots, while you are face to face with him and have no chance of seeing those.

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Enemies should appear on the minimap the moment they spawn.

Uh… uh… well… uh…
That’s what we in the business like to call “tough love.”

Grabs a bagel.

Lemme explain…

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