Thralls fixed. Players not?

This may have been brought up but I didn’t see it. Thralls are fixed for being knocked off map. Yay. Players are not? Why? Shouldn’t the fix just have been to create one of those invisible walls?

It would solve a bunch of problems and benefit everybody if that were done on all maps. Instead we’re giving free levels to players (and exp) to those who (speculation) don’t have the skills to beat the opposing teams “face to face”. Not only does that hasten them but their allies as well.

I’ve also seen people complain about teammates who repeatedly jump off killing themselves over and over again. I still don’t understand the benefit to that…

I’m all for quick melee or knocking people about but that end result is contradictory to sportsmanship. I’m posting this after watching an ally do this repeatedly to an opposing team. If you think you were one of the victims, I want to apologize for the rest of us who really will go toe to toe with you win or lose.

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I want to agree with you on removing that from the maps. But a couple nights ago I knocked a guy off the map when fighting over the mid-thralls on overgrowth and it was one of the most entertaining moments I have had in this game! So I would be in favor of a way to stop people doing it to troll their team, but still have it as a combat tactic when that Oscar Mike is just standing there asking for it.


I don’t necessarily mind being able to fall/get knocked off the map as a player. I get why thralls cannot, because they are stupid exploitable AI that cannot adapt and position themselves properly, but players can. If you play on an edge having that be a risk is not necessarily a bad thing.

Keep in mind that I have never seen a match where knocking people off was a primary strategy, so maybe it just has not been an issue for me yet.

That’s what I’m saying. It’s a fine mechanic but add one of those invisible barriers anywhere like that. I’ve done some funny things but never off into the death void.

This above all else is a strategy game, in what world is it a good idea to stand beside an endless void and hope your opponent is stupid enough not to capitolize on that? With all due respect, character placement is just as much a part of the games strategy as knowing when to blow your cooldowns in a fight. Don’t stand near the doom and you won’t get knocked into it.

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Never try to capture a point, summon thralls, or kill those varelsi then. Right.

Thumping players takes so much “strategy”. You’re absolutely right.

If gearbox is going to make the thralls un-thumpable then your allies and you should be as well.
I haven’t been knocked off but I definitely knock people around. This was one of those instances I wished I could pk or slap him or her off.

You can capture all the points, summon thralls and kill the varelsi strategically without being anywhere within the distance required to be knocked off…

Haha I smacked reyna and thorn off incursion fighting over thralls. Leave it!

Plus, we wouldn’t want to save any Orendis who throw themselves in by accident.


Just a tip about thralls at the camps. I see a ton of people, especially ranged dive in and fight them med to close range. You can actually engage and kill them and back up until you see them reset and exploit they’re “border”

Was playing Incursion on Echelon as Mellka. I was 16-0, proceeded to claw lunge off a cliff on accident. Didn’t even know you could fall of that map, also ended up finishing the game with an extra 17 kills and that being my only death. Was a little sad that I was t able to get a 33 kill streak