Thralls in Dojo

I know it’s been less than a day, but those minions die way too quickly to really get a feel for how your character works.

Additions of shepards, thralls, big bots would be a great down the road and I’d imagine an easy fix.


I only played the first wave and it seemed like it took an extra long time to spawn the next wave… SO i talked to Nova and got out…

Maybe we could initiate the next wave by standing on pads to trigger different minions.

The incursion training was a bit better, but you only get to do it once.

The OM Battle School Story Op, however, looks like a great place to test characters out in (especially since you can reset ops points when playing solo.)

also noticed that game doesnt slow down when you are in helix tree like it does normally. if this is a practice mode it would be nice to have it slow or even stop in helix in order to preview them all and read what each does. i tried beatrix in dojo mode and i felt kind of rushed when selecting the helix choices before the next wave was coming. i know it doesnt matter its just practice but i still want to kill all the minions.

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I noticed the same
Yeah, it’d be nice if it was like solo story

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I’d argue against the slowing down actually because ONLY solo story has it. That way people can get used it and not have it catch them by surprise when they’re playing with others

good point. i think it depends what purpose you are using the training for. if it is to learn a new character then it kind of hinders you at first. if you are trying to perfect something than it really should be left alone as you say. maybe an option to toggle it? or a different mode availabe like new character training and then something more advanced that gives you options to customize your scenario.

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