Thread about currently bugged items

Have anyone noticed when you grind 3 legendary shields you might get that bugged cryo spike shield that is mistakenly classified as a legendary shield? I didn’t find any info of anyone noticing that this shield called the “Flyin’ Maiden” is actually missing like the Celestial Fragtrap. It does not drop in this game legit like the Celestial Fragtrap Class Mod. I might be wrong but…

Purple Cryo Spike Shield = Flyin’ Maiden

Orange Short Circuit Class Mod = Celestial Fragtrap

So i think this could actually make some sense because those items cannot be obtained, but you can obtain the “bugged” ones that “override” the real legendary items. Those should be 4 individual items, correct rarities and none of them bugging but i hope i gave some useful info. And hopefully they can be fixed.

See my next post for more info.

Flyin’ Maiden is a corrosive spike shield. It’s a TPS counterpart of Impaler from BL2.

Did you get a cryo Flyin’ Maiden…? Can you post a screenshot of that please, I’ve never heard of that before

Sorry if i wasn’t clear enough, the items ( Flyin’ Maiden and Celestial Fragtrap ) that can’t spawn legitimately just don’t drop from any loot pool in this game, because they are bugged somehow. And i figured out that the completely normal looking purple cryo spike shield, the one that is classified as a legendary (NOT Deadly Bloom) Might be the reason why the Flyin’ Maiden doesn’t drop, if the developers would have done this correctly, The flyin’ maiden would drop from any suitable loot pool as a legendary, and the purple cryo spike shield would drop as a purple item, not as a purple or anything that is “secretly legendary”, same thing with the Celestial Fragtrap, except the grinder or vendor or craggon pile will give you THIS instead of Celestial Fragtrap because of the bug. The short circuit has no special effect because it’s actually a bugged item and should be a normal purple. Pictures are for reference. I hope now everyone understands what i meant.

I don’t think either of these items are related, I hadn’t heard of the Flyin’ Maiden being bugged, are you sure it can’t drop? The purple cryo shield isn’t a Legendary in disguise, I think, if you grind three Legendary shields, that there is still a chance for a purple to show up. The fact that the cryo shield doesn’t have red text (the Deadly Bloom did), makes it just a purple.

The Short Circuit and the Celestial Fragtrap might be related, as you said, a coding error may put the Legendary rarity to the wrong class mod. Or it are just two unrelated bugs, one for the Legendary Short Circuit and another for the unobtainable Legendary Fragtrap.

I have grinded a lot of legendary shields and i never have got a single “normal” purple except the cryo spike shield, so maybe the grinder output is always legendary rarity if you grind three, unless someone has actually got a different purple except the deadly bloom. Once i bought a purple cryo spike shield from a vendor and grinded it with 2 actual legendary shields, because it wont grind with 2 purple shields because of the bug. So if you got one, save it for the grinder.

I guess there’s more bugs than I knew of

Was hoping by now that they at least would’ve fixed the drop for the Celestial Fragtrap Mod…

The supernova kind of is? It’s supposed to be legendary but can actually be obtained at many different rarities. If I knew how to take a screenshot I could post the 2 I have. One is legendary, and I swear the other one is E-tech. Not purple, not legendary, freakin’ E-tech.

The supernova at least drops, while the mentioned items don’t, because some “normals” take their place and are secretly legendaries. Please Gearbox, patch these and SDU’s also.

Maybe the ‘bugged’ Celestial Fragtrap mod was actually intended – Claptrap’s supposed to be kinda glitched, anyway – right?! And you are warned, more than once, when initially picking Clappy :smile:

It is very unlikely to be intended because the Class Mod itself does not seem to have any problems; it just doesn’t drop, so we cannot get it legit. :–( ( i dont use illegit ways but i have seen a picture on the wiki )

Hey, that Spike shield is bugged ontop off the Flyin Maiden’s bug. It says Grounded (Electrocution Immunity) but it has Freeze Immunity.

It’s not my pic so i can’t tell, but i noticed that too. Perhaps it is bugged even more.