Thread for First-Timers on Homeworld game universe

Hi there,
I’ve searched in the forum and haven’t found any thread dedicated to new players of Homeworld, either classic or remastered.

So, there you have it.

I’d be curious to know impressions you’re having so far with this game: easy, difficult, boring, exciting, are you stuck or just got through and etc. I ask the vets and “old players” to let them answer and just comment their answers. Use anti-spoiler tools if necessary, because others might come and read everything.

Greetings and Welcome Home!

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Well the game looks beautiful but what I can’t find is a “printable” list of the hotkeys.
Can’t print the list from the game and it would really help to know the hotkeys while trying to play the game. Tutorial was no help on hotkeys and can’t find them anywhere. Game is really hard without

In the main menu, there is the OPTIONS button, check for CONTROL TAB. The Hotkeys list is there …

There’s also a readme that has all of them in the homeworld remastered folder in steamapps.

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Thanks, not sure if that is where I went but I was looking for a “printable” list of hotkeys, The menu of hotkeys I saw was "not’ printable. I would like a list that I could glance at to help me when things get heavy. Eventually, I might memorize them?

Chimes, I would like to thank you for starting this thread. Being a total noob this game is really hard.
Since I purchased this game (last year) I’ve watched a lot of you tube and read all the threads and everyone seems like an expert. Funny, I get lost all of the time (3d thing) and have a problem navigating my view but I’m sure (hopefully) that will come around.
Thanks again, hope I’m not the only one who is a little lost!

I understand, I’m an average player.
Feel free to drop a private message whenever you need help, have curiosity or whatever.
Talking about the game is part of the immersion.

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Stuart98, took your advise and got a list of hotkeys…lol…7 pages! Don’t think my memory has that much ram in it. Thanks