Thread to report players?

Other moba like games have it available to report players, This game doesn’t have an option for that, at least on the PS4, would it be against any forum rules to post these people account names, platforms, and how they wronged us whether it be staying at base after their surrender failed, verbally harassing us, disconnecting when they didn’t get the character they want, etc.

I don’t want these people attacked via messages or anything, I just want players ot be aware that this person has done something ■■■■■■, and can leave a match before even fully queued with them. I understand though if the forum won’t allow this.

I’m not sure if this is the right solution to this issue (although I don’t have my own) but I agree that a solution or stance against some behaviour should be implemented. Some people online are just plain ridiculous if they don’t get their character and in some cases I’ve heard just blatant racism against a member of my team for using Alani whilst we were losing (eg. Oh he’s… that’s why he doesn’t know how to play Alani) which to be honest should just be a ban straight up. So a name and shame forum might be the best deterrent for absurd behaviour or just those weird surrenders with a minute to go (I never did get the point of that getting half exp to save a minute haha just take the L) I agree with you here :slight_smile:

I have a ton of names/tags I could put on such a list … and while I itch to name’n’shame them, a forum list would be a minefield as there’s imo allready too much hostility, aggression and rage here.

However, an in-game report system, yes! :white_check_mark:

After all, bad peoples/peoples behaving bad get warnings/bans here on the forums … so, why not in the game?

It would serve a purpose.

The fact we there are players who want this but recognize the minefield that it could create is proof enough they need punishment in place…

Is there not a “report” option on the PS4 itself? Blatant stuff is already against terms of service for on-line play, and getting blocked from multiple games (instead of just one) would seem to be much more of an effective deterrent.