Three changes I think would make a perfect game more perfect(I am aware of irony)

Howdy. I think this game is totally awesome but there are three changes that would smooth it out truly perfectly(in my eyes of course).

  1. Why do we have to quit out to the title menu to farm bosses? There should be an option on the pause screen to reload the area from the fast travel point you came in on. You would cut down one load screen and the immediate area would already be mostly loaded it would save a TON of time.

  2. Catch a ride parts reset to default whenever you crash. I just never use the cool parts I collect cause I get sick of menuing. The default parts should become whatever you last selected.

  3. Finally self inflicted splash damage with mayhem 10 weapons is way too strong. The self inflicted damage should be locked at mayhem zero numbers because it makes any weapon with damage self infliction way too risky to use vs it’s much safer and equally damaging counter parts. I.e. The flipper vs the gargoyle, both have great damage but I’m gonna stick to the flipper cause I can’t kill myself!

What do you guys think of my ideas? Are they garbage or just not as functional as I think they are? Let me have it hard, I’d love to hear everyone’s feedback.

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Your vehicle load outs and paint job used to save properly. I believe it was when Mayhem 2.0 dropped, this became somehow broken. So now any time you grab a vehicle, it is always defaulted. Broke by a patch, and never looked at or fixed since …

I agree with your other 2 points. Farming and self damage are pretty bad right now.
Just wanted to point out the vehicle saves used to work.

Hmm, first time I’ve heard of this one. Only time I have ever had my vehicle default was from jumping in and out of DLC. Have you put in a ticket for this?

all i want is this 3.

  1. Raid Boss
  2. Better Coop Experience
  3. Faster Loading time

I meant continue point not restart from last fast travel point. The option would reload from the last continue points whoops!!!

1 and 2 need more elaboration to really mean anything.
The solution to 3 is get better hardware.

as for what people said about vehicle loadouts at catch a ride. DLC3 seemed to have started an issue where I somehow ended up with 5 loadout pages when I used to just have 3. The first page never saves properly for some reason. I think they meant to add a 4th page because DLC3 added a new vehicle type and it somehow broke the file system

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How about solve a major issue keeping this game from even getting into the “Ok” category, much less the “Perfect game” category and: Fix Crash worthy Bugs?

If you play bl2 you know what i mean.

Same hardware, same connectivity, bl2 loads 5times faster, smooth coop with no lags whatsoever.

And raid boss not the takedown bosses that is easy to kill, those are equivalent to omgwth.


To be fair BL2 is much less demanding hardware wise than BL3. I don’t disagree that performance should be improved, but BL2 is almost 8 years old now.

3 is the result of gearbox always trying to add diffculty without actually inceasing the player’s level. Instead of meticulously designing difficulty around the balance of the game, they haphazardly increase numbers breaking viturally everything and having to reblance the whole game around the added difficulty.

Well yeah, of course it’s going to load 5 times faster. It’s from the previous generation where most textures were pixellated garbage, designed as they were for PS3 and 360 which had 0.5GB RAM, which is probably about a tenth of what your phone has. The textures now are much more detailed, hence the files are much larger, hence they take much longer to load.

But as someone said, it’s a matter of hardware. If you’re on console, you probably haven’t got many options (apart from turning texture quality down in settings). But on my PC, loading a new game is ~9 seconds, which feels ok to me.

Yeah in consoles it takes 1 minute to load.

Yes, it started around the time mayhem 2.0 was introduced. It never affected my FL4K, Moze, or Amara, all of whom where already max level in mayhem modes when they dropped 2.0. my Zane though, who I had just recently started before 2.0, and whose catch a ride settings initially worked fine, quit working when 2.0 dropped, and hasn’t saved anything since. For a while, if I had my custom ride in tab 2, and when I loaded, tab 1 was defaults, and I could switch to tab 2 and have my saved vehicle, but that eventually stopped working, too.