Three different melee attacks

Hi all, just commenting and seeing if you have the answer but what is the rationale or use of the three different melee attacks for Rath ie r2 l2 and circle? Seems like circle cool down is too long and l2 is just strange and cannot find any particular use for it

L2 is a fairly short range AOE attack. It’s got just a bit more range than R2 so good if you’re trying for the final hit on a fleeing enemy. Circle I’m not sure, seems like it’s just there as that is the quick melee button for the other classes.

I think the L2 attack is slower but does a lot higher damage than the normal R2 quick combo attacks. It seems to work a lot better against the armored baddies like the Frost Guardians in The Algorithm. Not sure of the circle one though

Thanks for all the answers guys! My partner is now officially hooked on the game and it looks like it may see some good playability on par with the handsome collection!

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Circle melee has a knockback effect and fairly pitiful damage. Every character has this as far as I know, generally meant to disengage an enemy that’s too close for comfort. Can also be used to push an over extended enemy closer to your team to ensure a kill, if you’re in the right position