Three questions

I’m playing Homeworld 1 Remastered. Is there a way to see and select your ships without physically moving the camera to them and physically clicking on them? Is there a way to make just the numbers on the ships in the bottom left of the UI bigger. I can barely see them. Is there a way to make the camera zoom in and out further like the whole way? It feels too limited and I don’t like having to use the keyboard to constantly change the camera height.

You could just put them in groups and press one of the numbers to select a group. Also when you’ve selected your ship(s) press F to focus on it, press F again to zoom in as far as it can go.

The standard ctrl+# like Ctrl+1 allows you to assign a number to a group of ships. Whenever you press that number on your keyboard that group of ships will be selected regardless of where they are. This has been in RTS games since the early 90s. Another useful trick is when you double click on any ship it will select all ships of that type that are visible on screen. If you are on the sensor manager this will select all ships of that type that you have that is not docked. You can then use the above mentioned Ctrl+# shortcut to assign a group number to them

In the options menu there is a UI scaling slider. This will increase the size of the UI elements, including the numbers on the ships in the bottom left.

You are limited to how far you can zoom out in normal view, you can use the sensor manager (space bar) to see the entire map. This is unfortunately not SupCom with it’s zoom out all the way map :wink: Remember the engine is still a (heavily modified) 12 year old engine after all.

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You can’t select a group of ships unless you have already assigned a number to them. Without the assignment it’s one ship at a time. With the assignment you can click one ship and they all become selected, or just hit the number hotkey. Incidentally, when ships are assigned a hotkey, you can select them even when they’re docked, assign them a move command, and when they undock will execute the move.

The UI scaling affects everything. All that needs enlarging is the number text. All the rest is fine at the smallest setting. Enlarging everything is overpowering.

The camera is approximately where it was in the original game. As stated, the sensors manager is the best way to deal with this. I usually have the camera panned all the way back in game and while in the sensors manager have it panned all the way in. Now the difference between the two is minimal and more intuitive.