Three Skills I Would Like to See in a Borderlands Game

A quick list of skills I think would be fun to have in a future Borderlands game:

  1. ADS + 100% critical hit damage in FFYL (Gamechanger)
    As much fun as I have avoiding FFYL, sometimes it’s inevitable, and this would be a really nice bonus for trying to get a Second Wind with a sniper rifle or even just at range with any weapon.

  2. Weapon damage and accuracy
    This is a nice combination, since it would be great for any weapon but outstanding for shotgun users. We’ve never (to my knowledge) seen these two modifications in one skill.

  3. Increased Dropped Loot Rarity
    We had some of these back in BL1, but I would like to see this return in a future game, it’s always nice to see blues and purples dropping instead of trash and dog sh*t.

That’s my top three skills I would like to see. Let’s see how many cool suggestions we can get

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