Three-to-One Contact question


So I am a huge Rath fan. I love his lore and his gameplay, he was my first mastery. I loved when his lore let me know that he helped Caldarious out of prison as it was the first time I started to see an interconnected story between multiple characters, their lore, and the story mode.

Unfortunately, Caldarious is simply not my type of character. Maybe one day I will get around to trying him more seriously, but for now I was hoping someone could give me a screenshot or full synopsis of his Three-to-One contact Lore as I believe it to be the only one regarding Rath, who I always want more lore for <3

I’m almost there. I let you know when I finish it up.

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No problemo

big spoiler

its a message from ghalt to rath asking if he knows caldarius’s location since his armor was powered down after a battle and thinks caldarius will be looking for a power source. it also said rath and ghalt didn’t get along due to their past battles but then again there is the renegade mission in which deande says they have a lead, which could be rath, but then again ghalt did have a hunch about the power source.

also, i think galilea has a lore which may or may not include rath and his blacksmithing skills.
again, not entirely sure.

Darn yooooooouuuuu now I have to track down Galileas lore ;-;

Lol thank you very much!! One step closer, one step back

Have you read the flavour text on Caldarius’ Legendary? Might be up your alley. :slight_smile:

A friend convinced me to move on to using Orendi, at first I had some difficulties because she was in stark contrast to the characters I have played (vaguely similar to Thorn), but after some tinkering (and realizing Gnosis was a thing), I am beginning to enjoy her quite a bit. From what I have seen, Caldarious is fairly similar, if that is the case I may just switch to him after Orendi.

I was going to post but I see you have cracked the code. Ah well, happy hunting.