Three years of badassery

Borderlands 2 turns 3 in a month. What does everyone’s BA look like after all this looting and shooting?

Nearing the 200K mark

I started rather late, about a year and a half ago. I only took one character to level 72 and played a second one for a little while, so my BAR is still just around 36.000 with every stat bonus over 10%.

im at 216k with no prestige grinding. but that’s what happens when you level 4 VH’s to OP8.

I only started 2 years ago but being OCD I have all 6 VH at OP8 and my BAR ranks are between 23.9% and 24.3% IIRC (Prestige twice for everyone and have a few BAR ranks from mules).


All Ks I’ve run (at least 12) plus backpack characters (at least 15)

Hovering around 50.000, don’t care for my BA rank, let alone prestiging.

been farming Bar more lately, have only prestiged one toon 1 time

I got the game the same week (IIRC) it was released, played it absolutely shitloads, then stopped playing. I only got back into it fairly recently, around the last year or so (I’m using my last year of college as a reference point here). My badass rank is just over 50k, with two characters at 72, and one of those at OP8. I have over 400 hours played, the most I have ever had in any video game.

I bought my copy in the first week, got an Axton thru NVHM, and then got pulled back into the BethSoft modding community (I’ve been heavily involved with modding the Bethesda Softworks titles (Morrowind, Oblivion, the Fallouts) since Morrowind). I came back to this one earlier this year, just as GBX began tweaking drop rates.

Right how, my BA rank is 27756 overall, with each skill at around 10% or so, w/one lvl 72 Siren and one lvl51 Mechromancer, plus a few leftover points from earlier.