Throwing Myself Off a Cliff (or Quitting vs Failing)

If I’ve got half an hour to spare, and know I won’t complete a mission, I’ll take a new character for a spin, test a new loadout or whatever. I was doing such a thing today and I was doing quite well. I’d got a couple of bits of gear, a few credits, some XP. I was about to quit when I thought, if I could fail the mission, at least I’ll keep the stuff I’ve got so far. Since I was on Saboteur, there was plenty of opportunity to just throw myself into the void, which I did until I used up my lives and failed the mission. And, sure enough, I kept all my rewards.

I’ll definitely think about constructive suicide, in future :grin: However, would it be reasonable to just equate quitting to failing, on private story missions only, and let the player keep their loot? Just a thought.


I totally agree. For private story missions, “vote to surrender” would be fantastic!


Yep, I want a surrender for story mission. When I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to play, I usually try Hardcore. Easier to quit/die and get exp.

You don’t have to die lol I just quit if I’m grinding challenges solo and keep everything

Last time I quit I was brought back to menu, no score board. That’s kinda a waste of time.

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True you won’t see the score but you will keep xp and items found during that mission, I’ve found legendary gear whilst farming Geoff for minion kills with El dragon and once I finished his challenge I quit and got everything

Can anyone else verify they actually kept everything from quitting?

As am I, so I assumed I’d lost everything

I’ll give that a go today and, if I keep everything, I will be very happy :slight_smile:

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I can make a video and show you guys if you want

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Not my experience, but maybe I just wasn’t paying attention enough.

If somebody could check and let us know (or an official answer from the devs) that would be great.

I always end up throwing myself off a cliff 10 times to use up all my lifes also. There are a lot of times that I only have half hour tops to play (thanks boring adult real life!) and run a quick private story mode for some exp/items as well.

Just quit, you keep everything.

Proof: Look up “Match history” after quitting.

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Hit the next checkpoint then quit. That’s the only thing that got me through dbl exp weekend was knowing that I’d still get double exp for the progress I did make.

I played part of a mission and then quit. I kept gear and Character XP but not Command XP.

So, the next question is, do you keep Command XP if you fail the mission? I’ll check that out tomorrow.

Easiest way would be to make sure your loot boxes are used up and then do a mission until you get a loot chest gain the item and then quit the game after a checkpoint to see if you have an un opened loot chest in your inventory.

I kept everything