Thrown weapon Tediore damage?

The text notes only read it was adjusted.

Up ? Down ? Some white/green/blue/purple weapons or only legs ?

Any clarification would be great as I am trying to play a thrown hunter build atm.

I have seen a 50% nerfed thrown around quite a bit by pretty respected sources.

So the initial damage total when you throw it is slightly increased but when it impacts that is halved ?

No it just does half as much damage in rrlation to bullets left in the mag when you throw.
There seems to be, however, a breaking point at around 7 bullets in the mag when thrown.
Throws with less than that number receive slightly more dmg than before.


Ty, for the clarification.

My 2 cents, I find it slightly amusing that everyone in the storyline just throws shade on Tediore. So it gets nerfed ? Um, ok…

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Tediore, garbage with a trigger.

Rhys called it :wink:

Never pay attention to storylines. Sorry. I don’t play BL or any other game for their stories. I’m all about mechanics :slight_smile:
So I don’t even know why (nor care for) everyone is hating Ava.

This is in response to Tediore making Arms race trivial if I had to guess. I mean I’ve seen people just get a tediore and then rush to the boss so this was to be expected honestly XD.

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Doesn’t Arms Race have it’s own balance system? Why not simply nerf them there?

P.S. Don’t give me the credit that I know what I’m talking about. I haven’t played Arms Race :sweat_smile:


The damage for throwing is decreased overall, but the damage loss for throwing with little to no ammo in the mag is less.


or people were enjoying tediore’s for the first time since the game was released so that had to be rectified.

i never used them outside of arm’s race and now that they really don’t work in arm’s race (at least for me, they are doing nothing) I have no reason to touch a tediore again.