THRUST - Ship Design challenge

Looks like there’s a ship design contest out there:

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Ooh, right up this community’s alley!

I summon @Talros
Do you think you’ll participate?


I’m not sure what’s so special about a ship design contest. This is what we do here EVERY DAY… except for the part about competition :wink:. Is there an enormous cash prize attached to this? If so, I’m sure I’d still be too lazy and ill-motivated to make any attempt. But still!

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Just an opportunity to check out new ships and concepts. I’m always digging concept art and models over the internet, so I thought ppl here would be interested in the event, not necessary the contest atmosphere and prizes.

Well, I shouldn’t sound so skeptical. Anyone who wants to compete should do it! I’m happier to remain in an environment where I don’t need to try to be the best… merely kind of good, hopefully :smile:

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I think i am actually going to take part in this.